The Average Life Of An American Teenager

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Chapter 3

Dazzling Blue Eyes

August 29~
11 AM~

The bell rang for lunch. My best friend Lisa and I left the classroom as quickly as we could. It had been study hall so we were bored and absolutely ready for lunch. We seperated to go to our lockers. Jason was standing in front of his locker talking to his friend Nate. I kept my eyes on the ground as I tried to open my locker. "Hey, Allana." I heard him say.

My heart beat picked up. I looked up at him, but purposely avoided his eyes. There was know way I could look into those eyes without completely melting. "Hey, Jason." I mumbled. I shoved my books in my locker and grabbed my water bottle.

"No lunch?" He asked.

"Eh, no. I'm not a big eater."

"I can tell. That's why you're so short!" He said. Nate laughed. I blushed. Ugh.

"Yeah, I guess so." I mumbled, turned, and walked away.

3:30 PM~

The bell rang for the final time that day. The girls came in from gym, in which we were learning the ins and outs of softball. It had been ninety degrees so we were all pretty sweaty. The guys had enjoyed a nice, air conditioned study hall. Jerks. "Ready for volleyball practice?" I asked Margaret while walking backwards towards my locker. I ran into someone. "Ah!" I yelped, jumped away, and turned to look. It was Jacob, a senior that is probably 6'4''.

"Hey. How's your super polite boyfriend?" Jacob asked.

I smiled. "He's fine. He says hi." Jacob laughed and slightly waved as he kept walking. I opened my locker and pulled out my back pack.

" have a boyfriend?"

I turned and looked at Jason. "Yeah, we've been dating for almost five months." I felt myself blush. Is it even possible to like two guys at once? Does that make me a slutt? "How are you and Candice?" I asked. I had heard somewhere that he had a girlfriend named Candice, and the bracelet he always wore with her name carved on it seemed to make sense with the rumor.

He smiled. "Ahh, we're so awesome." Jason looked so happy. The happiness shown through his dazzling blue eyes..Those eyes. And of course, I melted. My heart did a flip flop. My stomach filled with butterflies. My cheeks warmed up.

"That's really great! I got to go! I'll see you around." I picked up my gym bag and back pack and walked down the long hallway as quickly as I possibly could. My dad was waiting out front in the white Focus to take me to volleyball practice. The entire ride there I tried to get the image of those blue eyes out of my mind, but I couldn't. It was as if the image was stained into my mind to stay there forever.

When we reached the church, I jumped out of the car and ran up the stairs. If I was late, I would have to run more laps. I ran down the stairs as quickly as my short legs would allow me without tripping. Luckily, I made it into the gym right as the clock hit 4. "Allana, that's the fifth time you were almost late!" Jennifer said. She laugh and bumped me with her hip.

"I have to keep you guys on your toes." I said.

"Yes, because it's always exciting when we count down the minutes until we start adding your laps." She laughed.

"Okay guys, let's do...9 laps!" Christa yelled over us. We all groaned and started jogging around the large gym. After the laps, we stopped in a circle. "One-hundred crunches and thirty push ups." Christa said. She smiled as we moaned again. "Come on, guys! Think of the six packs you're all going to get!"

"I will never have a six pack!" Jennifer yelled. We all laughed. I understood where she came from, though. She was the largest on the team. She had a lot of muscle, but did have fat over it making her look larger than she actually was.

After running suicides, more crunches/ push ups, jump ropes, and calf raises, we scrimmaged. I kept letting the ball fly past me and making rookie mistakes, being the Varsity Libero, this was bad. Really bad. The coach pulled me out and asked to talk to me. I would to the bleachers with him. While he talked I wiped the sweat off of my forehead with my sleeve. "Allana, get your head in the game. You're the libero. We need you at your best. Now get in there and do what I know you can do! You're spacing!" I nodded and then jogged back to my spot on back right corner. Coach was right. I was spacing. All I could think about were those big, blue eyes staring at me...

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