The Average Life Of An American Teenager

Just a new story.

Chapter 2

Someone New

I just now realized how horribly like my own life this story is. In know way did I EVER mean it. All the characters are simply fictional and have absolutely NO relation to any one I know in real life. I'm basically just pulling out my school size and routine. In no way are any of the people in this story real. The only things that hold any resemblence to anyone is the relationship between Allana and Jason. It is basically the true story of how I fell in love with my boyfriend in just 3 months.
August 28
8:56 AM~

The school's student population was rather small, only 90 kids in grade 6-12. It might have been small, but that's where I went for my Freshman year. Plus, all of my friends go there. Sophomore year was supposed to be another amazing year for all of us..

The school gathered in the cafeteria/gym for a school meeting. We had been to the same thing last year. It's basically just to show how many new students they had increased with from last year (roughly 30). We sat in our designated chapel seats. (Being a private Christian school we have chapel every Friday afternoon. Basically all we ever do is dance around to the amazing band.) In my row were five people: Chang, the foreigner; Lisa, a good friend; a new boy I didn't know the name of; myself; and another new kid.

In front of us, the prinicipal practically put us to sleep with his long speech made with his monotone voice. After wishing us a good year and explaining the rules, we were dismissed to go review our schedules and pack in our lockers. We all jumped out of our seats, reunited ourselves with our friends, and filed out of the doors to the single hallway that makes up our school. Unfortunately, just as last year, my locker seemed quite far away from all of my friends' whose all were practically right next to eachother. Next to me was a girl I didn't really know. All I did know was that she was crazy. On the other side of me were two completely empty lockers. And the third was being inhabited by the boy with blonde hair and blue eyes that sat next to me for our meeting. Might as well introduce myself.

"Hey, I'm Allana. You're new here, right?" I held out my hand.

The boy turned to look at me, and my heart melted. That simple change of my heart from solid to liquid worried me. There is no possible way I could like him....I don't even know his name! He held out his hand for a fist bump. "I'm Jason. Yeah, I'm new." I bumped his fist with mine.

"Oh..that's-um-that's cool." My heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest. I quickly shut my locker. "I'll see you around." I mumbled as I pulled my schedule out of my back pocket and left as quickly as I could to find my ways between my classes for the day.

At 11, we were all dismissed. All I did as I stood in the parking lot was watch a friend of mine talk with Jason. They both laughed at something. At that very moment, I couldn't begin to explain how jealous I was of anyone who could hold a conversation with him. All I wanted was to talk to him and be with him. Of course, being the shy-around-strangers girl that I am, I knew I would never have that chance.

4 PM~

I arrived in the church gym we use to practice volleyball right on time. Christa, a graduate of our school last year and our fitness coach, was standing near the bleachers. "Okay guys, seven laps!" We all groaned as we began jogging around the rather large gym seven times. After the activity, a few people were winded and groaning. I walked over to one of my friends, Margaret. Margaret is short, only 5'2'', but boy is she good at volleyball. "Hey, do you know Jason?" I asked as Christa told us to do 100 crunches and 40 "heart" pushups. Volleyball is so worth this. I thought as I pushed my body up and down.

"No. Wait, the shaggy blonde kid? Yeah. Barely. He's cool." I nodded my head as I wrapped up my pushups. How on Earth does a shy girl like me talk to a guy who makes my heart go crazy? I have a boyfriend! This is so bad..

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