The Hunger Games After The Failed Attempt At Rebellion By Katniss Everdeen

This is the Hunger Games after the 75th Hunger Games, also known as the 76th Hunger Games. Katniss failed at her attempt in starting a rebellion, so we still have the annual Hunger Games. sigh I knew it wouldn't last. I don't know why the Districts rebelled. Again. And again they failed. May the odds be ever in my favor.

Chapter 3


My family leave me, filling the gigantic room with silence. I sigh, and then bury my head in a soft-cushioned pillow. Silent tears stream down my face, and I kick the floor as hard as I can for being so weak. I never cry. Besides, District 4 was known for being a tough district, a Career district, along with Districts 1 and 2.
I just want to get this whole thing over with. The goodbyes I mean. They're too sad. Sometimes I wonder if the Capitol just wants to break us down by letting your close family say good-bye to you, making you sad that you have to go. But then again, some tributes would like to have one last glimpse of their family members before they're taken away to their death sentence.
My friends, Natasie, Sawyer, and Jasline come visit me. We joke around a little, trying to lighten the mood. It's kind of hard, because we all know there's a one out of twenty-four chance of me surviving in the arena.
In the end, we just end up saying goodbye and embracing each other. It makes me sad that this might be it.
After everyone else visits me, a group of Peacekeepers escort me to the Capitol train waiting for us outside.
Nathanial--Nathan, whatever-- is right by my side when I come outside. Or get escorted outside, to be exact.
I look at the crowd that's roped off near the train, and I see my mother and Kaya right in the front. They look like a wreck. Apparently there was a lot of crying after they left.
Nathan and I get escorted inside the train.
I gasp as soon as I walk in.
It's unbelievable. Everything is polished, shiny as ever. There are glass chandeliers on the ceiling, and glossy mahogany tables. This damn train is about three times the size of my house!
I walk over to the closest window possible, and I immediately see my mother trying to calm Kaya down.
I wave at them, and they wave back. Well, my mother has to get Kaya's attention first. Kaya smiles weakly, but hey, it's still a smile.
I smile back as the train starts moving.
I can actually hear Kaya screaming as the train speeds up. I run to the end of the train and see a pair of Peacekeepers trying to restrain Kaya.
My mother tries to stop them, but they end up holding her arms back. I can see her pain as they do so.
I want to scream right there and then, but I couldn't.
Kaya's being lifted by a Peacekeeper, kicking and punching him in the face. The Peacekeeper's nose is bleeding and there's a dark bruise on his cheek.
My mother is still trying to break free, but with no luck. It's painful to watch.
Now, the train is too far away for me to see them, but that was enough for me.
The last image I see of District 4 was my family being hurt by Peacekeepers.

As I head back from the edge of the train, the wind blows my hair back, leaves being carried into the air.
I see the District 4 sign. 'District 4. Fishing.' I'm really gonna miss this place. That is, if I don't return.
I walk back inside the train and walk into my room. Eve was talking to Nathan explaining to him about our expectations and all of that rubbish. I ignore her when she calls me.
I slam the door closed once I enter my temporary room. I fall back on the bed, and I sigh.
"What a day." I say to myself.
I lay there is silence.
Then there's a polite knock on the door. "Layla?" Eve's voice asks.
"What?!" I shout grumpily. What am I so grumpy about? Eh.
There's a quick silence at the door. "Dinner will be ready in two hours! Don't be late!"
I stay silent.
Then Eve leaves, her heels clacking against the hard ground.
I stare up at the ceiling. There's no escaping like in District 4. In District 4, all my troubles would go away. How? I run to the beach and swim in the smooth water, the silky wet water guiding me through the ocean. I miss that feeling.
My eyes feel heavy. Then before I know it, I'm out.

When I wake up, there's a constant banging on the door. I groggily get up from my peaceful sleep and open the door.
The last person I'd expected to be here is standing just a few inches away from me.
"What are you doing here" I ask Nathan in awe.
"Eve told me to wake you up. It's time for dinner." Nathan answers impatiently.
I nod and shut the door behind me. Nathan storms off in front of me, leaving there in the dust.
I roll my eyes and continue walking.
Once I reach the dining area, I take a seat next to Eve and the end of the table.
Finnick and Annie are there, holding hands and smiling. Well, at each other.
Annie is sitting in front of me.
I notice that Nathan is chewing on something white. Is that a--
"Layla!" a voice calls.
I look at Finnick immediately.
"Hmm?" I ask stupidly. I mentally slap myself. That probably sounded like the worst response in history.
"Want a sugar cube?" He asks me with a playful smirk on his face.
I stare at him. "Sure, why not?" I finally say.
I toss the sugar cube in my mouth and eat away. It's so sweet in my mouth, it's sweetness electrifying the taste buds on my tongue.
Then everyone starts eating away at the food on the table.
I stuff myself with turkey, yams, pie, and some candy. The meal reminds me of this old holiday people used to celebrate about a century ago. Thanksgiving. I smile inside.
Once we're all done eating, we head on over to the living area. I sit on the couch next to Finnick. Annie is on his other side, her head leaning on his shoulder, Finnick's arm wrapped around her.
Even though they aren't happy the way things turned out after the rebellion, they sure do look happy together. At least they have each other. The thought makes me smile.
The TV turns on and on plays the Reapings from the other districts.
District 1 comes up first, as always. The female tribute's name is Diamond, with flowing strawberry blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She looks to be about 14 years old, but I bet she's a skilled fighter. Crimson is the male tribute, with his striking blue eyes and light brown hair. He looks handsome, but I bet his name is the stupidest one in all of District 1.
District 2 is next. Dakota literally jumps to the stage, her dark brown eyes beaming with pride. Then Ross arrogantly walks up to the stage, enjoying his moment. Together, they're as tough as ever.
Already, I'm starting to feel tired. I guess from all the food I ate. I zone out throughout the rest of the Reapings, and by the time District 5 is up, I'm sleeping.

"Layla." A soothing voice calls.
I open my right eye, only halfway.
Annie is leaning in front of me, her kind sea green eyes looking at me.
"Now it's time to get some sleep." Annie says calmly.
I nod and head back to my room.
I'm so tired, I don't even remember closing my eyes.

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