The Hunger Games After The Failed Attempt At Rebellion By Katniss Everdeen

This is the Hunger Games after the 75th Hunger Games, also known as the 76th Hunger Games. Katniss failed at her attempt in starting a rebellion, so we still have the annual Hunger Games. sigh I knew it wouldn't last. I don't know why the Districts rebelled. Again. And again they failed. May the odds be ever in my favor.

Chapter 2

Goodbyes Are Always Sad

I see Kaya's face in the crowd, silent tears streaming down her cheeks, like a flowing river. She doesn't make a sound, but I can tell that she's just dying to break down and start sobbing right then and there.
I feel her pain. When she was younger, about 8, when I first attended my very first Reaping, my best friend, Cassia, got chosen as tribute. She was the same age as me, 12 years exact. The Reaping was the day before her 13th birthday. It was tragic. She started bursting into hysterical sobs, having Peacekeepers dragging her toward the stage. That day, I felt sadness, loss, longing, and deep pity. She came down to one of the final 8, but then died as her own district partner killed her behind the back. But thankfully, Cassia had a knife ready, so he died shortly after. I felt rage at the boy, but felt a strange happiness once he died. He deserved to, anyway. Cassia died, and I felt broken beyond repair.
That's probably what Kaya might feel right now.
Kaya meets my eyes, tears still streaming. I give her a look that says It'll be okay. Don't worry. I have that look in my eyes every time Kaya starts crying or is hurt. Today she does both.
"Well, congragulations, Layla!" Eve breaks away my thoughts.
Now I have to remain standing until the male tribute is chosen. I sigh.
Eve strides on over to the males' bowl and brings her two middle fingers in, and brings out a slip between her fragile fingers.
Eve opens it. I can practically hear the pounding hearts of the boys next to me.
"And the lucky tribute is...." Eve begins.
Even I hold my breath, even though I couldn't care less.
"Nathanial Waves!" Eve shouts.
I glance in the end of the mass of boys.
I see him. Right there.
Nathanial Waves is the weakest boy here in District 4. I feel pity for him, but it soon fades away, for some strange reason.
Then I remember. That horrible moment when we first met.

I was hurrying outside of school, I wanted to go home already. I started running as fast as I could.
I didn't pay attention to where I was going, so I bumped into this guy I didn't know.
He was short, has sand blond hair, glistening green eyes, and tan skin.
"Oh, I'm so sorry!" I said, stopping.
He glares at me. "Hey watch where you're going!"
I stare at him. "Excuse me?"
"You heard me!"
I look at him more closely, and I realize that he's the new guy in our school. Maybe he just had a bad day.
"Hey, your... Nathanial, right?" I ask, trying to ease things between us.
"Nathan!" He spits back. "Nathanial is my full name. Just call me Nathan, got it?"
I glare at him. What was his problem? What did I ever do to him?
"Get away from me!" Nathan yells as he storms off into the crowd of people.

We never talked since then. I ignored him, he ignored me. That's how it works. On occasion, we've bumped into each other in the halls, we say insulting stuff, we fight, we get in trouble now and then. But now, as he walks up to the stage, I realize that there's no avoiding him now.
But then another thing registers. We're going to the arena together, in life-or-death circumstances. I can't help the evil grin that forms on my face.
One word.
My grin gets even wider. I probably look like the Cheshire Cat right now, but I don't care. I'm feeling kinda happy right now, and that's all that matters.
"Now, Layla and Nathanial, you two shake hands!" Eve orders once Nathanial--I mean, Nathan-- steps up.
He looks worried, afraid. I look at his eyes, and all I see is fear. I might've felt pity for him a while ago, but I'm not as forgiving. I was going to make him suffer. I'm not usually this cruel, but I can't help it.
We both face each other, and we hold out our hands. We shake; I give a small but strong squeeze. I grin on the inside out. Then Peacekeepers lead us inside the Justice Building, where we always say our goodbyes to our friends and family.
Nathan goes into one room, I go into another.
The Peacekeepers shut the doors closed, and I wait. And wait. And wait.
Until finally, my mom and Kaya walk in. My dad died a few years ago.
Kaya immediately runs into my arms, finally allowing her sobs to come out. They come out as some sort of weird gurgle, like someone choking, laughing, and giggling at the same time.
I stroke the back of her head, trying to calm her down.
"It'll be alright. Shh. Don't worry. I'll be okay." I say in faint whispers in her ears. Then I start to sing a lullaby that I've heard in the 74th Hunger Games. When that little girl died.
Kaya stops crying a little bit, but there are choked sobs here and then.
"Oh, come on. Have some faith in me." I say, bendiing down, looking into her gorgeous blue eyes.
Kaya manages a small faint smile, but then tears start streaming down her face again. I stroke the back of her head again.
My mom sits down next to me. "You'll be okay... won't you?" My mother says quietly.
I nod my head.
She smiles and scoots closer.
She takes my hand and slips something in it. I open my palm and find a small bracelet made out of seashells.
"Do you like it?" Kaya asks from my now wet shoulder.
"Of course, I do." I say.
"Good. I thought you could use it as your district token." My mom says calmly.
I nod my head and slip it on. Perfect.
"That sounds great." I say quietly.
Then we all embrace in a tight hug, saying "I love you!" and "I'll miss you so much!" and stuff like that.
After the shortest three minutes of my life, Peacekeepers break the silence and love in the room and order my family out. I kiss them both on the forehead, and then my leave. I look down as they do.
Goodbyes are always sad.

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