My first try at a Poem....

Chapter 1

Here goes nothing...

I'll always be here for you,Even after all we've been through.
Hopefully the sun will shine,On the other side.
We just have to keep going and never look behind.
We can start a new life,With only eachother to live for.
There's a road up ahead,But our choice is weather we should take it.
If we turn around now,We will never make it.
We deiced to take the road but what path are we taking?
Does this mean were lost or going to right way?
It's ok,We can still make it and end up,still alive.
Mabey someday you'll see why,We decided to do it.
Our love was forrbidean,But We couldn't help it...
Don't shed a single tear,For I,Am always here...
And I will never be through,Loving you.


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