I'm Deleting

I'm Deleting

I'm gonna be 100% honest in here, so, don't get offended if I offend you in any way. Okay? Good.

Chapter 1

Goodbyes Are Always Sad....

Okay, so I'm deleting. The title made it clear, obviously. Why? My parents banned me from my laptop, and I have to go to this tutoring thing on Saturdays, which I DON'T need!!, and Sunday I'm always busy. I really don't have any time for Quibblo. I can get on only a little bit in the mornings, but then I have over 100 messages and I can't check them all in a span of 20 minutes! Sometimes I can't even come on in the morning. And when I do, I have an overload of messages that needs to be checked. Now, please read below, AND DO NOT DENY ANY OF THIS!!!!! cough Sarah!! cough

Trevor (trevtrev3): You were the most random guy ever. You were one of my top friends, and my very first. You are awesome.
But then we didn't really talk that much anymore, andd then you stopped commenting on my quizzes and stories, etc, and you only talk to me when I comment on your stuff. Then you made a story to friend all these friends of yours, and I wasn't on it. That list had 5 people on it, and I'm guessing that was your top friends list. You didn't put me on there. It hurt me, you know. And if you don't comment on this one, I know that you didn't even read this. Sorry if I'm being kinda harsh, but that's what it is in my eyes. :'(

Megan (megabaconfan): You were an awesome and amazing friend!! I'm really gonna miss you! You've done really nice things for me, like make the Featured Member! Thank you so much for that! You share my love of Clato and hatred of Glimmer and Glato. :) I can always go to you for help. I'm really gonna miss you, although I also said that already. :'(

Artemis (ArtemisRocks1400): I'm gonna miss your creativity and awesomeness. You were a fantastic friend, who can reply to my messages SO fast!! It's like I send it and then in less than a minute, you reply!! That's just scary. Anyway, you were amazing, with all your quotes and stuff. You love life, making the best of it. :)

Sarah (Crazy4Cookies): You were my very first Quibblo friend on here when I first made one. Well, besides from Quibblo, but anyway. You are awesome, amazing, and a great friend. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You might not think so, but everyone else does. I love your stories, your quizzes. Do not deny any of this Sarah. I'm gonna miss ya!

Rose (Celebriana): You are an awesome friend of mine that I'm really gonna miss. I'm proud to say that I turned you into a great Clato shipper, and also share a hatred of Glato with Glimmer, like me. For those of you wondering, I sent her a link of some pretty insulting things I said about Glimmer with Megan on a quiz I made. XD I'm gonna miss you!

Liz (LizRekel): You are a great friend to me. Even though you don't get on that much. I love talking to you, getting to know people better. I'm gonna miss you.

All of that is 100% true!! I might come back if I have time, when I don't have the stupid tutoring, when my parents unbann me from my laptop. That might be weeks, months, years, who knows. But still know that I'll always love you, and I mean all of my friends! hugs Maybe during the summer, just maybe. Bye! :)


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