The Tale of Splontocroph

So I am doing this for Story Contest 6. Fantasy is not my strong-point, but this is for fun. Let's see how this goes...

Chapter 1


by: dat_nerd
Once upon a time in a small village in the mountains called Ghritzberg, there was a child named Splontocroph recently born into a family of nobles. His father, Grostoph was a knight from many generations, and he wanted all of his seven sons to follow his family line. His main focus was on his eldest son, Franz, who he admired the most. Splontocroph was the youngest of the seven, and Grostoph cared about him less than the others.

Years later, Splontocroph turned seven and was sent away to become a page. He was an extremely clumsy and forgetful child. In a month, his master kicked him out of the house. When he returned to Ghritzberg, his father disowned him and thought of him as a garbage son. He ran away out into the wilderness and as he did, dragons started to swarm the land...

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