Gravity Falls Character Repost! :D

Chapter 1

I am most like...

Dipper Pines

[X]You are a rational thinker
[X]You hate being called "little" or "cute"
[X]You get nervous around your crush
[X]You are the go-to person that will try to come up with a plan
[X]You love going on adventures
[ ]You have a sister
[ ]You cannot wait to grow up
[X]Paranormal things happening freak you out
[X]People consider you to be wise beyond your years
[ ]You are short

Total: 7

Mabel Pines

[ ]You own a bedazzler
[X]You are a creative, artsy-type
[ ]You like to be unconventional in your fashion choices
[ ]Your favorite candy is Gummy Koalas
[ ]You have braces
[ ]You are optimistic
[ ]You would love to have a talking pony
[X]You are cheerful
[ ]Everything could use a little more glitter
[ ]You knit your own sweaters

Total: 2


[ ]You are slightly childish
[X]You are friendly to everyone
[X]You say "Dude" a lot
[ ]You believe in paranormal creatures
[X]If someone is going on an adventure, you want in too
[ ]You do what you are told by your boss
[ ]You work for free for a boss who wants to make lots of money
[ ]You are eager to learn how to be a DJ
[X]You are helpful
[X]You are always there to back someone up

Total: 5

Grunkle Stan

[ ]Your dream is to make lots of money quickly
[ ]You do not care if you make money honestly or by swindling others
[ ]You are showy
[ ]You love scaring people, especially little kids
[ ]You own a fez
[ ]You never believe the crazy stories that others tell you about monsters and paranormal encounters
[ ]You can be a bit gruff at times
[ ]You have multiple mirrors in your home – to see your gorgeous reflection all the time!
[ ]You have an annoying younger enemy
[X]You do not always show it, but you care about the members of your family

Total: 1

Wendy Corduroy

[ ]You have a part time job
[ ]You have dated many guys
[ ]You are currently in your teens and wish you were an adult already
[X]Sometimes your friends get you into a lot of trouble
[X]When your boss makes you do something that requires a lot of effort, you act lazy and say forget it
[X]You dress very casually
[X]You stick up for your younger friends
[X]You are tall for your age
[ ]You are currently dating someone
[X]You hate it when guys fight

Total: 6

Li'l Gideon

[ ]You charm everyone around you to get what you want
[ ]You hate being tickled
[ ]You are short and have to rely on others to help you look intimidating
[ ]Your dad waits on your every need
[ ]You have a miniature of something in your room
[ ]You own a pet hamster
[ ]You are constantly fixing your hair. Hey, you gotta look good!
[ ]You are currently seeking revenge on someone
[X]You have a crush on someone who does not feel the same about you
[ ]You have been on TV


Sweet! I'm most like Dipper! :D
BUT,If I would have gotten ONE more on Wendy,It would be a tie...I knew I was a Dipper/Wendy mix! :D


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