Always Here - Transformers Oneshot

Just a random one shot I made for Creative Writing class. ^^

Chapter 1

Always Here

Always Here

She sat in a small clearing beside a flowing river. The moonlight shone on the the moving water through the tall trees, making it shimmer like dozens of crystals illuminating the path to . The earth below her was most, the night air cool even with her thick hoodie and jeans. She looked up to the darkened sky with her deep blue eyes. Her pale form trembled faintly as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Audrey..." a deep, soothing voice sounded from behind her. The girl flinched a bit before turning whilst tucking a loose strand of auburn hair behind her ear.

"O-Optimus," she sniffed, "what are you doing here?" There a tall man stood looking at her with a loving expression on his well defined features. "I heard what happened from Sam..." he spoke softly, advancing closer to her.

Ah, Sam...the whole boy that had introduced her to this strange world of transforming robots including the love of her life, Optimus Prime. He was behind her now in his handsome holoform, his true form too dangerous to reveal in such an uncovered area. "I was worried and I thought you'd be here." She met with his icy blue eyes while she took note of how his dark brown bangs lay across his forehead.

"Optimus..." she whispered as he joined her on the grass.

"Listen to me Audrey. This world isn't perfect, nor was mine, or any other world that may exsist among the cosmos..."

Audrey leaned into the man's side, resting her head on his shoulder. "Optimus, I've heard that so many times. I know nothing can be perfect..."

Gentle fingers tilted her chin to look at him. "I know you know that. You didn't let me finish," he smiled. A blush appeared on her cheeks as she looked down to avoid his gaze. " carry on then."

Optimus merely chuckled and wrapped an arm around her shoulders to pull her close.

"People perish, sometimes unfairly, and it hurts. That is the best way to describe it," he explained, "It simply hurts." Audrey felt her tears coming on and fought back the urge to cry.

"In those times we are left asking ourselves so many questions. Why did I say such things? How could I have done that? The guilt is overpowering, but...Audrey look at me," he demanded, tilting her face to look at him once more.

"It wasn't your fault. You can never expect death. It happens suddenly and painfully, but we must live on despite the mistakes." Audrey shut her eyes so tightly.

"But you don't know what I said Optimus! I told her I hated her! How she was the worst mother and that she was never there for me! If I had known what she was going through..." she whispered, trailing off.

"But you didn't know Audrey. Your mother never told you she had developed the illness." Suddenly the barrier had broken. "But why Optimus?! Why would she hide something like that from me? She was dying right in front of me and I couldn't see it!"

She tightened her grip on him, sobbing into his shirt as she shook. His comforting hand ran over her back as cooed to her softly. "You had your own problems in school and with the family issues going on and you know that. Your mother saw this too and didn't want to burden you more. It isn't your fault that you never understood because she did everything she could to hide it from you."

Quickly the depression turned to rage and she glanced up at him. "If she was dying from pancreatic cancer she should've told me! I don't care about my problems if she is hurting! It is my job to love her and support her but she didn't give me the chance! Why?!"

Optimus simply embraced her, his chin resting upon her head. "Because she loves you."

That simple sentence made her limbs limp and her frame fall against his.

"Though unwise, your mother did this for you. She wanted you to be sucessful and to be happy. You feel the exact opposite right now, but through time it will change, through time you will heal," he promised me. Audrey's eyes caught sight of his.

"How do you know?"

He stared back at her. "I've watched many comrades lie for my sake and end up giving their spark in return. Those who have cared for me, have watched me become the Prime I am today, have also seen the hardships I have faced. They wish not to worry me and hide away their sorrows and pains. In the end, it just hurts others more." Optimus caressed her cheeks gently.

"But you forgive them. You learn to understand why they did what they did and how they never meant for it to hurt you. You realize they did it out of love and you learn from their mistakes." She felt her hand losing its grip on his shirt as she finally calmed down.

"I'm going to miss her so much..." she whimpered.

Optimus closed his eyes and pressed soft, tender kisses to her forehead. "I know you will, but you must be strong for her," he said, "and during this time you will not be'll never be alone Audrey." She closed her eyes and reached for his hand.

He immediately met her halfway, clasping his own around her's and squeezing it tight.

"I'll always be here for you."


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