Owl On The Waves~ A Camp Half-Blood Story

Marissa Adams- Daughter of Posiedion
Annalise Erikson- Daughter of Athena
Logan Johnston- Son of Zeus
Cal Woods- Son of Aphrodite
Dyllen Fletcher- Satyr


Atlanta angered Artemis again. We all know what happens when a god or goddess is angered.

Chapter 45


The coffee was warm in my hands, steam curling to the sky in the early morning. Stars one by one blinked out, erased by the colors of the dawn. Painted over, really. Stars aren't really gone from the sky during the day, you just cannot see them as you can at night. In Egypt, however, some days are so clear you can see some brighter stars.I've always wanted to go there, just to see what it's like. I closed my eyes, picturing the dry winds of the deserts around the Pyramids of Giza instead of the dewy atmosphere in camp.
"Ah, sorry to have kept you waiting."
I looked up and smiled as Chiron wheeled himself over to the porch swing, a thread bare red and brown blanket draped across his lap. "No prob, just day dreamin'."
He chuckled fondly, taking a sip of his own coffee. Black, straight up. Gross. "I would expect nothing less from a child of Athena."
I blew air from the side of my mouth, staring at at the pink and purple lake and twisting the cup in my hands. He looked at me with a concerned expression.
"What's on your mind?"
I shook my head, switching my gaze to my hands with a shaky laugh. "It's all so...different here. From anything I ever experienced. I'm worried that it's not meant for me."
"Go on," he urged gently, soulful brown eyes careful.
"How do I know I made the right choice in all of this?" I blurted. "I could have lived a perfectly normal life, right? Go to collage, get a job as an editor or something, do things other than go on life threatening quests. Or I could have joined a group traveling the land and by the side of a goddess and my best friend."
"Why didn't you do any of those things then?"
I shrugged, biting my lip and focusing on the small ant on the railing of the porch. "I dunno, it..it doesn't seem like it was the best thing to do right now. I'm not like the others in my cabin. Cool head? Ha! Yeah, right. I should not be in charge of ''anything'', especially my own decisions. "
"Athena is the goddess of wisdom and strategy, is she not?"
He smiled softly. "Wisdom comes in many ways. One is not born with it, you have to live to gain. You have done excellently on the quest and I would not give a moment's hesitation letting you lead another."
His words did more than I let on, I can't lie. Sure, I have been complimented once or twice before, but coming from this wise centaur that has been around far longer than I know, it was the best thing I have heard all day. All...two days?
"You stayed for what reason?" he asked me.
"Umm, well, it's not like I can go back now, is it?" I leaned back, watching the sun's rays peek over the house's shadow. "And my closest friends came, one of them stayed, I can't abandon him."
"He seems like he would function okay," Chiron said with a hint of something I almost recognized in his voice.
"But I wouldn't," I sighed. "I can't lose him."
He smiled warmly, patting my arm. "You won't. Trust me."
I smiled gratefully back at him, relaxing even more and taking a gulp of the now luke warm coffee. Birds began their morning songs, a symphony of chirping and floaty notes.
"Do you think the prophecy has been fulfilled?" I asked suddenly, a little pang of worry in my stomach.
"Hmmm," he said thoughtfully. "I'm quite sure it is. Let's see...History returns again,the foe, the hero, their quest; always with something to gain,something to lose,something to choose."
"The hero and foe I'm assuming were Marissa and Logan," I said. "Not sure which was which. We each gained something and lost something."
No, not my iPod, I scolded myself. There is more than material things.
"A broken vow must be renewed,'' Chiron continued, smiling at me to finish.
"At the cost of a lover's feud, 3 drops of blood of a maiden of beauty and blessed by grace, 3 drops for each apple from the fated race," I said slowly to be sure. "Atlanta, then Marissa and her special fruit."
We went through stanza by stanza, checking every little bit thoroughly. When we reached the final one, Chiron stopped me with a laugh.
"I think that it's safe to say we are done, yes?"
I quirked an eye brow with a confused smile. "I guess."
His eyes flickered to the side, by the cabins. I followed them to Zeus's cabin, the door was slowly opening and a figure stepping out. My heart skipped a beat, an odd little grin on my face. He trudged behind us, going towards the valley and hill. Chiron took my near empty cup from my hands and nodded, chuckling.
"Go on," he said.
I leaped up instantly and prepared to race down the steps when I paused, turning to face the horse man. He was watching me with those deep brown eyes, laugh lines etched beside them. I reached over and hugged him tightly and quickly before running off.

He whirled around, a huge smile lighting up his features. "Hey!"
I skipped up beside him, loose shirt ruffling in the breeze. The sun was rolling up slowly to it's position on the clear sky, shedding it's golden light on Logan's face. The smell of freshly cut grass and dirt was refreshing and simple, the smell of the earth. Peleus dozed soundly by the tree, apparently finding Logan a friend now, not foe. Thalia's tree swayed in the gentle breeze, the one I found myself leaning to, balancing on my toes.
"So what are you up to this early, Blondie?" he asked, tugging on my pony tail.
"I could ask you the same thing," I said while turning to him with a smile. "You are never the early bird."
He let his hand drop, still grinning at me. "I'll leave that to the freaks."
"Hmm," I said, collapsing onto the cool grass, still damp with dew. "Anyways, I was talking to Chiron about the prophecy. Reviewing it, seeing all the points that were completed."
He plopped down next to me, one hand behind his back. I tried to peer around him, but he kept shifting so I couldn't see what it was. I gave a frustrated huff and crossed my arms.
"Logan, what are you hiding?"
He shrugged, poking me cheekily. "Ah, nothing much."
I frowned and leaned around him again, his body shifting just so I couldn't get a glimpse. "Logan..."
"Anna..." he said in a whiny voice like mine.
I fell back onto the grass, glaring at the sky as it slowly bled more color. "You hate me."
"Yes,yes I do," he said sarcastically.
The moon was a faint crescent in the sky, almost completely faded by the sun. A feeling of clarity settled over me, wind washing my skin clean of something water never could. I blinked slowly, a small smile on my lips. It was as if someone had just rid myself of everything tainting me, a cleaner, newer version of myself shedding the uncomfortable shell I had trudged daily in.
''What's she doin'?''
"Huh?" I said, snapping up right and staring wide eyed at Logan.
He looked startled, meeting my gaze. "I didn't say anything."
''Is she alright? Should I get someone?''
His concern for me went farther than wordy thoughts, a feeling of worry and protectiveness emitting from his being. His dark eyes searched mine and I smiled softly, taking his hand in mine.
"I'm fine," I assured him, scooting closer with nervous butterflies in my stomach. "I just...I just can hear you. Clearly."
His body radiated warmth as he stared down curiously at me. "What about Veronica?"
"She won't be coming back anytime soon," I said, words ringing with finality.
''So...you can hear this?''
I nodded, a shiver running up my spine. "Yup. Uh...what's behind your back?"
''Notebook.'' "Nothing!"
I bit back a scream of happiness, hugging him with all I had in me. "Thankyouthankyouthakyou!"
With a sigh of defeat, he handed me the spiral bound book, paper swollen with water. I let go of him long enough to flip through the pages, my scrawly handwriting in the first half and Dyllen's art work near the back. I stood up, bouncing around with the notebook pressed to my chest. Peleus watched me sleepily, partially amused. I found it hard to block out any voices, but the difference was I had no desire to control them or even to listen. It was a near silent hum until I picked either the dragon's or Logan's. I was finally free of that heavy feeling of hunger. She really was gone.
"Woooo!" I shouted to the sky, spinning in circles at the top of the hill. "Yeeeaaahhh!"
I just about tumbled down the hill when Logan lurched forward to steady me, grasping my arms with a laugh. I was breathing heavily, face alive and unable to keep from grinning.
"If I knew it would make you this happy," he mused thoughtfully.
"It's not just that," I said, breathy. "It's just that I figured out that it really wasn't me wanting the power; it was just Veronica playing around."
He made a face. "Uh, duh."
I tilted my head. "What do you mean?"
"I knew that forever, Blondie," he scoffed. "How could you think it would be you?"
I shrugged, his warm hands still holding me. "I never ''really'' thought it, this is just the first time I thought aloud."
He shook his head slowly, a low chuckle rumbling in his throat. When he looked back into my eyes, the sun caught them in it's light, revealing lighter streaks weaving in his ink pools. His tan skin almost shimmered like satin and I felt an unnamable wordless emotion rolling off him. My heart sped up, our foreheads touching as his leaned his head down and I tilted mine up. His eye lashes cast shadows on his cheeks as he looked down, shyness creeping into the strong emotion I just felt. The notebook hung from my fingertips as I carefully draped my arms over his shoulders. Surprised, he met my eyes again. This time, he was sure. I shut his mind's voice out and let the wind rustling in the trees and the sound of our breathing become the only sound I heard. He leaned farther and I closed my eyes, nervousness and excitement and happiness over coming me.

Athena paced back and forth, unsure of what she should do. ''That'' was a first for sure. One daughter was in Taurturus, the other was about to do something incredibly unwise. Her bare feet made no sound on the marble flooring, dark waves swirling loose around her shoulders as she thought quickly. There was no way to go about this logically, it wasn't possible. Her entire plan had unraveled just as it came together. That hasn't happened to her either. Not just for her children, but for the sake of the gods and their whole existence. The girl, Marissa, went and became a Hunter, like Athena thought. But Aphrodite, Drama Queen of the ages, had to destroy a good chunk of Cal's relationship with her. Then there was the fling Annalise had with the son of Zeus, Logan. Sure, it was important they were close, but too close and judgements get clouded. Then there was the satyr...there was no helping that one.
With a frustrated grunt, Athena threw herself gracefully into her desk chair, propping her feet up on the gold encrusted desk top. Her plan to get the two out of that dreadful pit was going awry. Something had to be done. But what exactly? The relationships between the five she had so carefully chosen were fragile as it was and Artemis wasn't going to willingly help. Rejection by not one, but two of Athena's daughters in the last ten years? With a snort, Athena started to spin in the chair. Not going to happen.
"Thena, what's happening?"
"Hermes, haven't you learned to knock yet?" she sighed as the god waltzed in and sat in her intricately designed arm chair, wind blown hair tangled and a mess.
He smiled brightly. "Nope. So still thinking of a way to get your little experiment out of it's rut?"
The goddess pursed her lips. "Not a ''little experiment,'' I'll have you know it is a very sensitive case that could help us and the demigods."
His faded blue eyes laughed at her while the rest of his face was perfectly emotionless. "Well. I've been proven wrong, huh?"
With a flick of her wrist, Athena swept her long hair into a sleek low pony tail and fluidly moved so that she was sitting primly, elbows on the desk and back ruler straight. "Why exactly are you here? Don't you have some deliveries?"
He messed with a few knickknacks on the desk, his phone glowing in his shirt pocket. "I wanted to tell you to relax. Watch it play out."
With a stormy scowl, she shot up from her chair and leaned over, talking right in his ear. "I swear it, you have no idea what is going on, do you? We are all in grave danger and you want to play it out? This is not television!"
He met her gaze calmly, if not amused. "Oh, Athena. Sometimes i think you think too much into things."
He stood up and walked to the door of her office. He pivoted at the waist and said with a grin, "Haven't you noticed? If you just watch, things turn out in the most entertaining ways. Like the Titan War."
He walked out, shutting the door softly. Athena took his words into consideration, pacing once again.True, it had been fun watching the demigods scramble around. Maybe a little unnecessary, but fun none the less. And her daughter with the son of Poseidon are more than capable of getting out before time's up. She paused at her window, the scenery different than yesterday. Even last hour. A field of flowers with patches of snow and a huge sapphire lake spread before her.
"The crazy might make sense after all," she murmured.
It wouldn't be a bad thing to take a break for a few months. Her own study proved that fact.
''Then it's decided,'' she thought somewhat cheerfully. ''Let's see how my children handle this.''

The...end? I dunno...

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