Owl On The Waves~ A Camp Half-Blood Story

Marissa Adams- Daughter of Posiedion
Annalise Erikson- Daughter of Athena
Logan Johnston- Son of Zeus
Cal Woods- Son of Aphrodite
Dyllen Fletcher- Satyr


Atlanta angered Artemis again. We all know what happens when a god or goddess is angered.

Chapter 4


I frowned, disapproving Marissa's little trip to the beach. But it's her birthday and all she ever does is work. And by work I mean unevenly balance her social life with swimming and school, sleep not even getting more than five hours. So this will be good for her, along with her other small beach trips this year during school events so it technically isn't skipping. No, I haven't read her mind. Her patterns are so predictable anyone could see it. And she's my best friend, so I know this. I sit down at my desk, smiling at Karrie as she sits on my left side.
"Oh, Annalise," she sighed, touching my hair. "Why do you always put your beautiful hair up?"
I shrug, blushing at the compliment. "It gets in my face."
She starts to make little braids in the pony tail and I laugh. "Having fun?"
She smiled, blue eyes sparkling. "Don't move, you'll mess me up."
Her compliment on my hair made me think of an argument Marissa and I had a couple weeks ago. She kept telling me that I would be pretty if I would get my head out of my stories for just one second to act self confident. I had started throwing out all the words I knew, stringing them together so tight she could get another word in. We said we forgave each other, but I'm still pretty angry about it.
"Uh oh, who is going t die now?"
I look up and relax, smiling. "Funny, Logan."
He smiled at me and sat in front, turning to face me. "Seriously, though. Who do I have to punch?"
"No one," I laughed. "I was just thinking."
"That's dangerous for us," he said with a wink.
I punched his arm, shaking my head. "Shut up, man."
Logan is my best guy friend since forever. He and Marissa don't particularly get along, but they tolerate each other when I invite them both places. Or at lunch. Never pair them up for Biology, though. That could get messy. He has super light blonde hair and dark dark blue eyes, like a royal blue. He is on the football team, quarter back.
The bell rang and Mr.Redmon walked in, talking with Ryan about last night's game. Kerrie sat back in her chair, finished messing with my hair.
"Today we will be watching a movie."
As the class cheered, I opened my notebook and hunched over it, already lost in my own world of heroes that stop at nothing and girls who don't need a guy to save her from the monsters but can take care of themselves. My eyes adjusted as the lights we returned off and I brushed a wisp of hair out of my face. My pen drifted across the paper and with each word I sunk deeper and deeper into my made up world. I could taste the salty spray of the Pacific Ocean on my lips, feel the wind tugging at my hair, smell the pine and sea scents mixed together. The deep blue sky that stretched on forever and the feathery clouds reached towards the trees on the cliff edge. My character looked over the edge and so did I, the jagged edges of the cliff jutting out and a seagull perched temporarily on a ledge. The grass was cool under my bare feet, coated in the sea spray and-
"Ms. Erikson."
I jolted and looked up. "Ye-yes?"
The class snickered and Mr. Redmon smiled. "I was just saying what a wonderful job you did on your project last week, the gripping essay on the Salem witch hunts."
"Oh." Alright. No surprise there. Not to sound bratty or conceited, but all of my essays and projects are gripping. Other words include compelling and intelligent and beyond your years.
"Blondie got brains!" Tim shouted from the back, trying to make a joke. His football friends and some swim team jocks laughed, some of the normal kids in class kind of smiled.
"You obviously don't," I shot back.
That actually earned a real laugh from a couple people, most of the boys including Logan made that "Ohhhh!" sound. Kerrie high fever me a and Mr. Redmon laughed. Tim just scowled at me and I shrugged, smiling. The bell rang and Logan walked with me to my to my locker.
"So you know what you are doing for Spring Break?"
I shrugged, replacing my history book with the Geometry book. "Might go to Marissa's house, go to the beach...you know, the normal things."
He nodded and went to his locker across the hallway. I looked at my necklace, which seemed to be growing warmer. Might just be my body heat...I close my door and walk down the hall, eyes wandering over the small clumps of people hanging out. I rolled my eyes as one of the girls started yelling at the other for reasons unknown. Overreacting, I'm sure. I made a mental note of the scene, just in case I want to write a scene like it in my story. I passed by the window and paused. The clouds were thick and the light was gray. I would imagine the waves choppy and a dark gray blue as well. Marissa would be feeling fidgety, she isn't comfortable in storms. I remember when I took surfing lessons in seventh grade, the water had been awful and super rough. Marissa was just on the shore laughing at me and nervously looking at the sky as I fell back under the waves. I can still feel the salt water in my nose...disgusting. But point being something was wrong. I could feel it.
As I walked into class I was arguing with myself. I have never done this before...but it's my free period. People go off campus all the time for free period. But the library...I'm always there.
''Annalise,'' I scolded myself. ''That's the problem with you.''
I looked up and smiled brightly at the teacher. "Yes?"
She smiled back at me and beconed me to the door. I stood up and walked lightly over, the people in my class whispering about whether or not I was getting another freaking award or if I was being put in more advanced classes. Oh please not the second one. Miss. Ballard closed the door.
"You are one of my top students, so I would like you to show our new student Dyllen around."
I look over to the guy and realize it was the guy that Marissa and I blew off before school. His green eyes looked over me critically and I managed not to glare back. He held out a rough hand to shake and I gently shook it.
"Annalise," I said.
"Dyllen, obviously," he replied, still appearing to size me up.
"You can skip today's lesson to show him around," Miss. Ballard said.
I nodded and smiled brightly. "Okay. Dyllen?"
He nodded once and followed me down the hall.
"This is the hallway," I said hastily, throwing a plan together in my head. "Come on, I'll show you the media center..."
I sort of ran down the stairs, pausing to let him catch up with me. I noticed he had a slight limp. I whirled on my heel and walked to the first set of library doors.
"Do you like books or computers?" I asked.
"I guess," he responded, voice breathy.
As I walked into the library, I tried to figure out what would keep him occupied for at least an hour. Cars? Planes? Mythology? He looked like an architecture type guy...maybe mechanics and technology. I practically shoved him in the computer lab, hastily explaining which shelf has which book.
"Okay, you look at this all here, I'll be right back," I said, rushing out the door.
Finally, a new kid saves my butt.
I ran across the wide hall to the gymnasium door. I opened it just a little bit and the sound of shoes squeaking against the hardwood floor and basketballs bouncing echoed all around. My eyes scan the room and land on Logan standing in line with a bored expression and a basketball tucked under his arm.
"Logan," I hissed, cheeks getting warm as some other people turn to look at me. He didn't hear me.
"Logan!" I said louder and this time he looked over, trying to find me. When his eyes found mine they lit up and he smiled. I gestured wildly for him to come over and he made his way across, warily eying the coach.
"What's up?"
I take the basketball from him, set it down on the court and pull him out, the closing door waving the scent of his sweat my direction. Gross.
"What's wrong?" he asked worriedly, wiping his face with the standard issue PE shirt.
I started walking down the hall to the side entrance. "Just come with me."
"Wait," he said with a grin spreading over his face. "Is Miss. Perfect Annalise skipping?"
"I am not skipping nor am I perfect," I fire. "I'm simply taking an extended free period while mt teacher thinks I am showing a new kid around."
He leans over and whispers, "That's called skipping."
I punch him lightly. "Mention this to no one, Flash."
An old nickname from fourth grade. And how he got it...well, I'll leave ''that'' to your imagination.
I push the door open, trying to stay clear of the cameras. Logan, however, started doing a touch down dance and fail cart wheels.
"What are you doing?" I hiss.
He makes a face at the camera. "These cameras are never activated until midday."
"You do this often," I note.
"Enough," he replies with a smirk, knowing I hate not knowing something.
The sharp wind whips my hair around, defying my simple pony tail logic. It still had a winter bite to it and the hair raising scent of electricity pricked at my scalp. My Ugs crunched on the shelly road leading to the beach and I cursed myself for not wearing the converse. Logan rubbed his arms as the wind bullied his loose PE clothes.
"Why did you decide to chose today to be normal?"
"An experiment I need to finish."
He gave a short laugh. "Skipping school to do homework. I take back the normal comment."
If I told him I was going to talk to Marissa, a hundred bucks says he would have turned back then and there. Those two hate each other with a passion, but I wanted someone to come with me. Logan was my first pick. My hands clenched and unclenched, my nerves getting to me.
As soon as I stepped on the slightly softer sand of the beach, I lost it. There was that snap in the air and my head was flooded with whispers. If I focused, I could pick out individual voices. Logan's mind emerged from the fog and I knew he was thinking about surfing these ''epic'' waves. He looked down at me, eye brow raised and wondering why I was looking at him. I shook my head and kept walking. His mind blended back in with the whispers. One voice, however, was practically shouting at me.
''Finally, an easy job. All three in one place. The sooner I get them to camp, the better. The boy will be easiest to convince...Apollo, I'm sure. The girls...Annalise will ask questions, curse her mom. I'm not so sure about the other...''
Acting on instinct, I whirled around and flipped a person on their back from their hiding spot behind a scrubby bush. Dyllen's eyes were wide,not a single though going through his mind. Logan gave a impressed whistle.
"Forgot you knew karate."
"Why are you following us?" I say through gritted teeth.
There was a crack of lightning and a short scream. My eyes went wide but I hesitated. I have to be logical about this, can't just go running in...yeah, screw that. I darted past a shocked Logan, sand flying in my wake. Waves crashed on the shore like gun shots. Smoke swirled a few yards away and a figure stumbled out, coughing, gasping and stringing curse words together like no body's business. Yeah, that's Marissa.
She leaned forward, as if looking. "Annalise? You're skipping?!"
That would be her first thought. I jogged up to her, inspecting for any injuries. Her arms were red and the hairs burned, but that's all minor.
"What happened?" I ask.
"Um.." she looked out to the dark, churning ocean. "I was sitting on the beach, wanted to wade in the water but a giant bolt of lightning came down. I through myself out of the way, though."
She honestly thought that was safe. Ha! She's crazy.
"First, the sharks are thriving this year. Second, the riptides are somehow extremely close to shore."
She thought about this and I groaned at her next question.
"So you aren't surprised I skipped?"
"Not in the least," I replied, more interested in the scorched sand. The burned pattern was irregular for a lightning strike.
Logan came jogging up. When he saw Marissa, he groaned. "You?"
Marissa rolled her eyes and flipped her now loose dark hair. "Why is moron here?"
"You wanna go, thumb sucker?" he challenged.
"Any day, bed wetter," she taunted.
"Logan, Marissa," I warned firmly.
They stopped, leaned away from each other, disgusted. As much as they love arguing, they know not to make me ''too'' mad. A little mad is fine, apparently.
"So what now?" I ask.
"Now you come with me."
Dyllen casually strolled up, red hair a flaming contrast against the gray sky and sea.
"What are you talking about?" Logan asked.
"Now who is this?" Marissa demanded, green eyes flashing. She is so irritable.
"It doesn't matter who I am, you just need to follow me," he said, all casual.
"What camp?" I ask. "Why are you saying we are demigods?"
He peered at me curiously, surprised.
''How does she know that?''
I put my hands on my hips. "I know more than you think."
He smiled, seeing me differently. "Amazing!"
''The Athena cabin will love this back at the camp. Now to convince them.''
"What's going on?" Logan asked, agitated. Dyllen smiled coyly, just to annoy him. Logan growled and shoved him back.
"I'll explain in a way even the jock can understand," Dyllen said to us, steadying himself. "The Greek gods are real, they have demigod children, bam. Here you are."
"Whoa, whoa," I said, trying to wrap my mind around just the concept. "What?"
"You are crazy," Logan summed up.
He just laughed. "So all the strange things in your life are just coincidental?"
Logan went silent and I breathed slowly through my nose, a click in my mind separating me from my ability. I was proud of myself for not controlling anyone.
"Okay," Marissa said slowly, just humoring him. "If what you say is true, who are you?"
"A sayter, protector, leader to camp," he listed, bored. "But that doesn't matter, as I said before."
I would figure this out. I can do this. Just as I opened my mouth to say something, an inhuman scream tore through the air and I could smell electricity. It left a foul taste in my mouth. We searched the sky and the back of my neck pricked.
"Watch out!" Dyllen and I yelled together.
It happened in slow motion, where in reality it took place in a matter of seconds. The near black as night sky lit up with white light, preparing to strike. I swore I could see horses and winged figures glaring down at us. I latched onto Marissa's arm and she gripped my hand tightly. Dyllen lunged for us, his eyes shut. I opened my mouth to scream as the lightning stretched across the sky. But Logan jumped in front of me, arms out wide to reach over Marissa and Dyllen. The lightning hit him in the chest and he fell to the ground, curled up into a ball.
"LOGAN!" I yelled and bent down to look at him. Dyllen shoved me back and just pointed at him. I watched, calm spreading over me. Shouldn't I be freaking out, you might ask? Yes, I should have. But for some reason, I knew he was going to be okay.
Logan gasped and shoved his hands forward, lightning shooting from them and at the sky. Marissa started to ask so many questions and I just stayed quiet.
"Convinced now?" Dyllen asked smugly.
Marissa paused, anger building up in her eyes, red spreading over her usual tan face.

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