Owl On The Waves~ A Camp Half-Blood Story

Marissa Adams- Daughter of Posiedion
Annalise Erikson- Daughter of Athena
Logan Johnston- Son of Zeus
Cal Woods- Son of Aphrodite
Dyllen Fletcher- Satyr


Atlanta angered Artemis again. We all know what happens when a god or goddess is angered.

Chapter 3


"Oh crud" I say suddenly. "I have a swim meeting before homeroom."

Annalise looks at me skeptically. "Your going to swim before homeroom?"

"Oh not swim" I rush to assure her. "It's a meeting. Desks and everything."

She laughs and then she sees my new locket. It is a silver heart with sand dollars, waves, fish, shells, and sea horses etched into the metal. There is a pearl in the middle if the heart too. On the inside it has the word Noxhydro written in ancient Greek letters. Which is easier to understand than English. Noxhydro, Night Water. Mysterious and cold. Noxhydro. Night Water.

So this locket just appeared on my bed this morning with a note in fancy elegant script which was torture on my dyslexic eyes. But I made out the words, Happy 15th Birthday Marissa. No name or picture in the locket. Nope.

"Oh" I say looking down. "Birthday present. Tell you later." Annalise nods and I have the creppy feeling that Annalise already knows.

"I got to go" I tell Annalise before speeding of to room 201.

People say hey to me and wish me a happy birthday. I'm one messed up person. I look like a prep. I am a jock, "pretty", and popular but I'm also a academic. Yep.

My friend Kate runs up to me. "Hey Marissa! Happy birthday!" Kate says happily bouncing up and down with her pom-poms in her hands.

"Hey Kate! I'm going to fail that Quiz on Trig in geometry." Kate laughs.

"Why didn't you ask Erikson to tudor you? Your friends with her right?"

I sigh internally about Kate's refusal to call Annalise by her name. "Yeah" I say laughing. "Annalise tried but I'm pretty much a hopeless case in Trig."

"Hahahaha. Trig one.Marissa zero."

"Yeah" I say laughing in agreement. "I've got to go." Then I leave Kate and go towards room 201. But I don't really want to go to school. I go to the double doors and push past the people entering. They wish me happy birthday making my "sneaky" escape impossible.

Now I don't usually skip. Actually this is my first time skipping. I grab a hold if one of my friends coming in. He is also on of my team mates. "Alex" I whisper. "You didn't see me. Tell everybody that."

He gives me a grin full of arrogance. Our school is full of that and I'm the poster child. "Oh skipping Marissa? What would coach say. Or your teachers?"

"Shut up Alex!" He looks at me. "Sorry" I say "but please."

"Of course. Happy 15th Marissa." I tell him thanks and then I run to my favorite place in the whole wide world..... the beach in front of my house.

Now Kitty Hawk doesn't get a lot if tourists because the surf is rough and prone to rip currents and there is a small shark problem. I love it.

I hate it when there is a lot of people in water. When I'm in water, that is my me time. Mess with it at your own risk.

Lost in my thoughts I look up at the sky. It was sunny this morning but now it looks like hell is about to break loose. I can't help but shake the feeling its because of me. But that's crazy I know. Its probably just my normal edgyness when there is a storm.

I'm not scarred of storms but I don't like them. I more likely to have a panic attack or rip your head off during one. People have learned.

I collapse on the beach. I see my house, which I live with my Uncle Miles, behind me. I'm lucky that he is working. Uncle Miles would go berserk if he find out I skipped. No forget Uncle Miles..... Annalise is going to go nuts when she finds out. And that is going to happen in first period, World History, when she sees I'm not there.

But here and now in this moment I don't care. I'm free. I'm 15. I'm at the beach. Happy birthday to me.

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