Owl On The Waves~ A Camp Half-Blood Story

Marissa Adams- Daughter of Posiedion
Annalise Erikson- Daughter of Athena
Logan Johnston- Son of Zeus
Cal Woods- Son of Aphrodite
Dyllen Fletcher- Satyr


Atlanta angered Artemis again. We all know what happens when a god or goddess is angered.

Chapter 2


It's ten til seven and a fine day it's turning out to be!"
I jolted awake and punched my alarm clock off the desk. It cracked on the wall but kept playing. Why won't it break, for godsake? I sat up and rubbed my eyes. My mouth had a dull aching feeling and I remembered dreaming about when I had braces. How I hated it. My orthodontist hated me, to be fair.
I stood up and cracked my back and neck. It hurt, but felt good at the same time. Sleeping in the chair can make you stiff. I padded over to my bathroom and looked at myself. Cloudy gray blue eyes framed by dark eyelashes. Pale cheeks, lips a pale pink. That annoying zit on my jaw line that seems to taunt me everyday. Honey blonde hair that always found a way into my face. Shaking my head, I step back onto the carpet. My bones felt like they haven't stretched in forever. Mornings suck. Your eyes are always droopy from sleep, you can never remember the dream you had, and worst of all...you have to wake up.
I closed my notebook and opened my closet. There was a whispering sound, something unnatural. I froze, unsure what to do. Be calm, be logical...this stuff always happens to you. Just your ADHD acting up again. No big deal. The whispering turned into a demonic growl and a sharp pain knived me in the side, making me jump. I frantically searched the room, excited and scared. A dark shadow seeped into one of my walls and I rushed to that wall. It was ice cold and I could see my breath. Frowning, I realized that there was nothing else there. Crap...curse myself. I need medication or something.
I changed into a black shirt with a silver moon in the middle and jeggings. My Ugs called out to me, but other was a nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me to wear my converse. Why in the world would I have a voice talking to me about fashion? Because of all the things, I have my fashion sense to worry about. I grabbed my necklace from the night stand and slipped it over my head. The blue jade was smooth, the color of my eyes. I've had it forever. No idea where I had gotten it from, but the only time I take it off is when I go to sleep so it won't get tangled in my long hair.
"Annalise! Where is my cereal?" My father yelled, voice slurred.
I stuffed my notebook in my ripped back pack, ignoring him. I don't want to deal with his drunken demands right now. The radio blared Kesha so I dived to turn it off, earning myself a rug burn on my elbows. Gritting my teeth, I applied pressure to them as I paced around the small room, trying to remember what I needed for the day. Okay, I got dressed, homework in my bag, iPod in front pocket...I just need to brush my teeth and do my hair. And clean my room. And somehow avoid my dad. Fun.
The fan rotated slowly above me, creating shadows on the lavender walls. Torn papers showing my academic achievements fluttered around on the ground, reminding me of my dads anger. I gingerly picked them up and set them in the bottom drawer of my desk with all the other things I wish to keep safe from his wrath. I stand back to look at my room, to see what else needs to be fixed or cleaned. My white and purple desk with nicks and highlighter marks was littered with stacks of papers and pencils. The drawers with smiley faces, hearts and stars crudely drawn on with silver sharpie were stuffed with notebooks and binders. That was a mess I never cleaned. It was my special area in the room...the world, where I could afford to do anything. My dresser was cluttered with lip gloss, hair brushes and old homework assignments. Pictures of my cousins hung by a few pieces of tape beside my mirror and more notebooks were stacked on the top shelf of my old oak book shelf. Magazines spilled from my nightstand along with my Halloween prop and fake blood stained the top corner of the while surface. Well I guess I'll just do my bed. I flipped the comforter over the wrinkled sheets and smoothed it out. A purple water color type flower bloomed from the corner of the white terrain and gave me hope for the day. I wish that was an actual picture. After throwing the fluffy decorative pillows up there in orderly disarray, I brushed out my long hair and put it in a fast pony tail. I was running late.
I hurried to the bathroom again and brushed my teeth, mentally singing happy birthday twice. The sun shone through the dim Louisiana march clouds and warmed the cool window glass. I spit into the sink, washing out the white toothpaste. Apparently right then dad remembered he asked me a question and stormed through my door.
"Annalise," he growled. "Where is my cereal?"
Dispite my fear, I calmly walked past him and got my Ugs from the closet. As soon as I grabbed them, a sick feeling formed in my stomach. I pulled them on anyway.
"When I ask you a question, you answer!" He shouted, blue eyes wild and pupils dialated. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he glared at me.
"It's in the box," I replied simply, shouldering my bag and shoving past. He reached out and smacked my cheek, heat shooting through my face. I whirled around, eyes blazing.
The air crackled with something similar to electricity and I could feel the change in dominance. My dads eyes grew wide.
"Get out of my room."
He walked out and I could hear his thoughts like they were spoken.
What the hell is going on? Why am I doing this? That little freak...
A tear dropped from my cheek that I didn't know I had cried. I clenched my fists, nails biting into my skin as I stormed out of the house.
I don't know how I can control people or know what they are thinking. I've never thought about it, its always been a second nature, like breathing. No one else can do it, I know that. So I try not to do it. But its not always my fault. Some things just...set me off. Like right then. Pain will make me do it, anger most defianatly. There are times I can't control when I do it, its like someone else is sticking up for me. But I try not to think of it.
I get on the bus and sit alone, taking out my iPod and listening to the music that calmed me down so many times before, blocking out the sounds of the rest of the world, even if it were just for a little.

"Hey hey hey!"
Marissa looked up at me and smiled. "What's up chica?"
I shrug and sit next to her at the picnic table. "Nothing, just super tired. I might fall asleep during exams."
"They are the worst," she agreed. I looked at the now blue sky and a story idea popped into my mind. I shoved it away, already full of stories. But maybe I could put it into a story I'm already writing....maybe the one about the first space adventure...that one really needs some work. I didn't realize Marissa was looking at me until she touched my cheek where my dad had hit me. I flinched away. Her green eyes widened with anger.
"Annalise, where did you get this?"
"Dad came home drunk again," I sighed.
She rummaged through her bag and pulled out her foundation. She hardly wears make up but foundation is a must for her. I allowed her to put some on the bruise and thanks her. She just pursed her lips and I could tell she was more angry then she let on. She hates my dad and everything he does. We are so close, almost like sisters. So its like a personal offence when dad hits me. I usually stay out of the way, but there are times.
We look up and see a awkward looking kid with loads of acne. He had eyes greener than Marissa though.
"Hi?" Marissa said uncertainly.
The bell rang and I breathed a sigh of relief. I'm not good with people I don't know. I start saying things that sound like a different language but usually are just facts about history and science. Marissa waved good bye to the boy and we rush off, already thinking of things to discuss about that particular subject. I got to my locker and punched it, the lock unlatching. I stuffed my bag in after getting my notebook and binder out. The hallway was a cat walk for the jocks and popular, academics considered the low of the lows. It's funny because that group, the pretty and popular, are the ones less likely to succeed in the world. But hey. That.s high school for you.
"So what time should I be over?" Marissa asked me, straightening her locker up.
"Um...how about four?" I said, pinning my honor roll ribbon on the cork board. "He usually leaves about three."
"Sounds good."
There was a hissing sound in the air and Marissa looked up, confused. No one else seemed to notice it. There was a blast of cool air through the hallway, sending chills up my arms. That got everyone's attention. Papers flew around and the hissing sound grew louder. Marissa whipped her head from side to side, clutching her books tightly. My hand went to my necklace, the jade giving me comfort. I nervously shifted my weight and used my locker door as a shield. The hissing died down and the wind had stopped. I let out a breath and laughed.
"God, Marissa," I said. "We both have wild ADHD fantasies."
"Yeah, that must be it," she sighed. "Let's go to class."
We linked arms and walked through the hall. Something kept nagging at the back of my head and deep down I knew it wasn't my imagination. But it's not possible for something like this to happen. Right?

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