Owl On The Waves~ A Camp Half-Blood Story

Marissa Adams- Daughter of Posiedion
Annalise Erikson- Daughter of Athena
Logan Johnston- Son of Zeus
Cal Woods- Son of Aphrodite
Dyllen Fletcher- Satyr


Atlanta angered Artemis again. We all know what happens when a god or goddess is angered.

Chapter 1

Prologue~ Seven Years Before

A man appeared out of the ocean. He just appeared compleately dry. It was a night but there was still people on the beach. Maybe the people of Louisiana where used to such oddities or perhaps they couldn't even see the man. The man turns back towards the gulf.

"Remember" he mummers towards the sea. "Stay hidden. Marissa doesn't know. She can't know until the time is right."

The man turns his back to the sea. Face seem to ripple across the water.

What had he done to his little girl. She shouldn't be alive. He had messed up, twice now. He hadn't 10 years ago and he didn't learn with Jenny Adams eight years ago either. The man than disappears into mist.

Marissa Adams is sleeping a troubled sleep. She dreams of a mysterious man looking at her tenderly. But that's not that bad part. The part that is troubling eight year old Marissa is that she sees a storm like no other set loose on the city. She told her mother but that got her nowhere. Her mother never saw. It wasn't fair. Marissa was positive that the man on the bus had one eye! She saw it.

The man forms out of water vapor in her room. He moves over a tenderly brushes back a lock of her dark brown hair. His daughter.

His daughter has a huge bruise on her cheek.... and her arms. The man feels himself start to lose it. He quickly disappears before he hurts Marissa. As he does her bright green eyes pop open, startled. Something was going to happen.

That night Huricane Katrina hit New Orleanes. Jenny Adams, Marissa's mother died. Marissa was sent to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to live with her uncle.


She sat alone the table, protectively guarding the purple and blue notebook. Her blonde hair hung loosely from the pony tail hanging down her back. As the kids around her laughed and played on the swings and monkey bars, she calmly opened the notebook and began to write.

The woman behind the chain link fence in blue jeans and a white blouse watched her intently. The wind blew gently, shifting the clouds in the deep blue sky. Anna...she's so different than the rest, but so much alike her other daughter with a similar name.

She watched as the little girl scribbled into the notebook, joy spreading across her delicate face. The woman watched as some of the boys on the playground looked over at her with mischievous smiles. The little girl, Annalise, was oblivious until they snatched the notebook from under her hands. "Hey!" She shouted, jumping to get it.

"What are you writing?" One sneered.

"Haha, you are such a loser!"

"Stop it," she growled, gray blue eyes narrowed and furious.

"Make me!" The woman narrowed her eyes and waited, observing. The little girl stood still and glared hard at them as they tossed it back and forth.

"Stop it." There was a snap in the scene and the smell of electricity tinged the air. The boys stood still and stared at her, eyes confused.

"Give me my notebook." The lead boy handed it over and she remained still, eyes never leaving them. The woman didn't know whether to frown or smile. Mind control...rare, even for her children. She needs to be watched, to be protected.

Annalise blinked and the connection was broken. She darted to the green house, slamming the door shut and breathing heavily. She hugged the notebook to her chest and slid down the wall.

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