The Calling (A Camp Half-blood fan-fic)

By: BlondePrincess623 and AndyZerpy. ;) Hope you like it.

Chapter 37


"You have to find the boy," a woman told me. She was glowing so brightly I couldn't see her face. She was pale though, very very pale.

"Who is the boy?"

"Find him," her voice getting quieter.

"Who is it though?!" Then she was gone.

I shot up. My head was pounding, my body was numb.

"Lacey, are you okay?" Chris asked walking towards mine and Percy's bench. It was a hard metal one but it was better than dirt.

"I'm fine just a bad dream."

"Good," Chris shook Percy and he woke up quickly.

"What, who?" Percy yelled.

"Chris is back," I explained. Percy relaxed.

"We have to get back to the diner. Ares said a van is coming and we can catch a ride," Chris said.

"Okay," I nodded. We walked silently to the diner and when we arrived we saw a zoo van.

"We're riding with animals?" Percy objected.

"Got a better idea?" Chris asked. Percy scowled. I dug into my back back and pulled out a lock pick.

"Couldn't get a key? Thanks dad!" I screamed at the ground managing to get a few stares from passerby's. I walked to the lock and dug the lock pick in and wiggled it until the lock finally popped open. "Hurry."

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