The Calling (A Camp Half-blood fan-fic)

By: BlondePrincess623 and AndyZerpy. ;) Hope you like it.

Chapter 3


"The prophecy clearly said we needed a daughter of Poseidon that isn't here," I said, "What does that even mean?" "If I knew don't you think I would've told you," Percy said agitated. "Well you are the son of Poseidon. The all mighty Percy Jackson," I said. "So you assume I can automatically know where and who she is," he said. "Actually I did but I guess your not smart enough. Maybe I should go ask Chiron I bet he will know," I said turning and walking towards the Big House.

"It said she wasn't here?" Chiron asked with a puzzled look on his face. "Yeah, do you know who she is?" I asked. "No but she should be here soon if it says that in the prophecy," Chiron explained. I sighed. "Why do I have to go? I've gone like the past seven quests," I said a hint of whine in my voice, "It's getting really annoying." "You're a protector. It's your duty," Chiron said. I groaned. "I'm gonna go rest in my cabin," I said walking towards the Hades cabin.

In the Hades cabin was nothing but silence. The only decoration in the room was the wall beside my bunk which I had painted a rainbow from the top corner to the floor. "My happiness is running low," I said to the floor hoping Hades was listening," but I guess that's what you wanted. A child with no happy, no hope, nothing left to smile about." I plopped onto my bed. "No I can't let him win," I said to myself. I needed someone in my cabin. It was so lonely all the time that I rarely spent time in here anymore. I pulled a small brown case from under my bed. My name was neatly written in Chiron's handwriting on the front. I pulled the latch and opened the case. I ran my fingers over all the pictures, drawings, and letters. A tear slid down my cheek and then they came and I couldn't stop them. I covered my face with my hands. I knew I should be strong but I was tired of being the sad less rock that everyone thought was just a happy bubble all the time. I was sad more than they knew. I pulled the faded picture of me and Nico. He was the closest to family I had but I rarely saw him anymore. "You got some crazy obsession with me?" I heard a familiar voice say. I whipped around, "Nico?" "Hey," he said standing in the doorway. "W-what are you doing here?" I asked wiping my cheeks. "Were you crying?" he asked. "Um... yeah but I'm fine now," I said pasting a fake smile on my face. I had perfected my fake smile. It looked real now and that was good because I had to hide my emotions a lot. I got up and gave him a big bear hug. "You know I'm not one for hugs," he said trying to pry me off of him. "I know that's why I hug you so much," I said smiling a true genuine smile. He always made me happy no matter if he tried or not. "Come on I wanna show you something," he said leading me towards our forest trail.

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