The Calling (A Camp Half-blood fan-fic)

By: BlondePrincess623 and AndyZerpy. ;) Hope you like it.

Chapter 2


by: x_Lupa_x
"Christiana, where are you going?" Daniel stood in my doorway, watching me unhappily as I packed. I shoved another shirt in my backpack and forced the zipper shut. I didn't bother answering-he had to know at this point I wouldn't answer his questions.

It was better for him if he didn't know. Well...safer, at least.

I shouldered past him silently, pushing a strand of brown hair out of my eyes.

"Chris, you can't keep doing this," he said frustratedly, following me into the hall. "This-disappearing act you pull. I never know where you are, or when-or even ''if'''-you're coming back."

I whirled to face him, green eyes flashing. "What do you want me to do? Stay here, with all the...the ''things'' that keep happening? I'm sorry, Dan, I can't do that." I grabbed the door handle and twisted it.

Then I felt his hand come down on my shoulder and pull me back. I stumbled into the book case, and when I had righted myself, he was blocking the door, expression determined, arms crossed.

"Let. Me. Out," I growled, taking a step forward. I didn't want to hurt my brother but he was really pissing me off.

"No. You can't keep doing this. least tell me where you're going, or give me a number I can use to call you. Give me something, Chris, or I'll lose my mind!" He was almost shouting now. The lights in the hallway flickered and then the bulbs simultaneously burst, showering us both in sparks and glass shards.

"That! That is why I'm leaving, Dan!" I jabbed a finger at the bulbs in the ceiling, though I wasn't sure he could see me now that the lights were all out. "I can't do this anymore-I just can't." I shoved him out of my way and ran out the door and down the porch.

Luckily I'd grown up in New York, so I knew my way around fairly well. I wound up by the subway, since my pockets were empty. I managed to sneak onto a train that was headed to Long Island and sat staring out the window.

I was tired of this-tired of the secrecy, the lies between me and my brother. It had been like this ever since mom and dad died in a plane crash six years ago. We just couldn't get along anymore, though we tried. Some years were better than others-but I always ended up leaving eventually, because if I leave, then nobody can leave me.

That, and the things that kept happening-the bulbs bursting, the pipes going haywire, the earthquakes and storms that only seemed to hit our house. My brother and I just couldn't stay together. It wasn't safe-for either of us.

I got off the train once we reached Long Island. I could get a taxi from here. He looked at me a bit strangely when I asked to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere, but he didn't ask any questions. Not that I would have answered if he had.

I walked up the hill towards the tree, looking forward to a year of no school, no homework, and less worries than usual. Just as I got to the top and was standing by the tree, I heard a loud crashing sound from behind.

I whirled around, eyes darting until I found the source-a car upside down on the road. I felt my stomach clench, then stifled a groan when I saw what had flipped it.

The Minotaur wasn't far away.

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