The Calling (A Camp Half-blood fan-fic)

By: BlondePrincess623 and AndyZerpy. ;) Hope you like it.

Chapter 1


"Just leave me alone!" I screamed at Brittany, my foster mom. "You messed up my brand new carpet!" she screeched at me. I had accidentally spilled my juice box all over the living room carpet and Brittany had came after me with her thickest belt. She struck me on the arm. It stung like putting hot water on a sunburn. I started crying but I had to keep a clear vision. I bolted between her legs and straight out the kitchen door. I didn't stop running; I couldn't she would beat me harder and longer if she caught me. "You'll come back! You'll never live out there alone!" she yelled after me. I ran through the woods only thinking about getting out of her yard. Out of her possession. I wasn't her slave she couldn't own me!

I kept running until I came to the interstate. One of the older kids from the orphanage named Johnny had taught me how to hitch-hike. I stuck my little thumb out like a thumbs up and started waiting. Within a few minutes a nice looking lady pulled over. "Sweetie, where are your parents?" she asked me. "They're dead. Can I have a ride now?" I asked putting my hand on my hip. "Oh... yes," she said. I hopped in. "Where are you going?" I asked her. "To New York to visit my family," she explained.

She dropped me off on Long Island since it wasn't that crowded. "I hope you find your grandparents," she said waving and then she drove off out of sight. I had told her my grandparents lived in New York so she wouldn't keep me. I started walking up the road.

I walked for a while and then I saw a weird man with fury legs. "Hey you goat man! What are you and where am I? I'm hungry!" I yelled at him. "I've been looking everywhere for you come on if you're hungry," he said and since he offered me free food I went along. That day changed my life forever.

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