Don't You Give Up (A Louis Tomlinson Romance)

Don't You Give Up (A Louis Tomlinson Romance)

Jessica Evans is a sweet girl whose world consists of working and taking care of her sister. Jessica gave up all her dreams after the tragic death of her parents so she could take care of her One Direction obsessed 13 year old sister. What happens when you throw One Direction? Of course the sister, Grace, is happy, but Jessica's world seems to turn upside down when the five heart throbs jump into her car.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Carrots! :D

Hey! It's me the author of this fan fiction. I am back on quibblo! :D I really hope you like this. It's not my first book but it is my first fan fiction for One Direction. I owe everything and my love for 1D to my amazing sister. I love her. (: I hope you like this and please remember rate and comment! It means the world to me!


P.S The girl in the picture is Jessica!


"Jessica! I need you to go make sure no one cuts in line during the CD signing."

My boss' voice rang through my ears as I entered FYE.

"Sure thing."

I looked up at my boss and offered him a reassuring smile. He has been frantic all week in preparing for today.

"I also need you to go in the back and make sure all the boys requests are set up properly."

He grabbed a fist full of his balding hair and held out the list for me.

"Mr. Williams. Calm down. They are just people."

I felt sorry for my boss. He looked at me with sleepless eyes and smiled.

"I know, this is just a huge opportunity for us. Do you know how many places that sell CDs begged for One Direction to come today for their CD release?"

I had to agree with him there. This was a huge deal for our store. Yes, it was in the busiest mall in our town of Memphis, Tennessee, but it was in the middle of the day. People were at work and the girls who would want to see the boys were at school. Even I was shocked to find out that One Direction had agreed to a CD signing at our little music store.

"Just stop worrying so much, okay? They agreed to come here."

I offered him one last reassuring smile and walked into the back of the store. The employ rest area had been transformed for the 5 famous boys that would be here in an hours' time.

I unfolded the list of things with boy band wanted for today and read over it. Some things that were on the list were pure crazy and made me question why millions of girls were obsessed with them. Did they serious think some of these things the boys liked was sexy? I shook my head and read the list of myself.

"Liam Payne"

I went through his list of things he wanted and didn't want for today's signing.

"No spoons? Seriously?"

I laughed to myself and continued on to the next band member.

After about 30 minutes and an incredibly long list (mostly Niall Horans) I was finally on the last band member.

Guilt washed through me as I read the name. It was my sister's favorite member.

I knew a lot about this boy band just from my sister. So it didn't surprise me to see his need of carrots for the signing.

I checked carrots off the list with a smile thinking of how my sisters love for carrots had grown since the discover of the band.

"Maybe I can convince him to like girls who eat broccoli."

I laughed at my little joke and folded the list.

My thoughts drifted off to my sister again as I sat down in an overstuffed chair in front of the carrots.

Maybe I should have let her skip school today. I've always been so tough of her since I had quit college to take care of her. I just didn't want her to end up like her sister. She's way too smart to be like me.

One day wouldn't have mattered though...

"Carrots!!" A masculine high-pitched voice brought me to reality.

I jumped up and turned to the intruders with wide eyes.

I found myself face to face with a pair of greenish-blue eyes. A small yelp escaped my lips as I backed against the counter.

"I'm so sorry."

The famous British boy grinned at me and held up his hands in surrender.

"No problem, love. Can I have my carrots?" His voice was all too familiar from the countless videos my sister had forced me to watch with her. His British accent complimented his voice in a way that made me even swoon.

I blinked a few times as I looked the famous boy up and down.

He was wearing his signature white TOMS, red skinny jeans, and blue stripped shirt that I had seen him wear in posters hung on my sister's wall. On the wall it didn't seem that attractive, but I had to admit in person he looked really handsome.

My eyes continued upward and landed on his pink lips that were currently turned upward into a smirk. My eyes met his and I looked away quickly, a blush covering my cheeks.

"Are you checking me out?" I could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

I looked back at him and smiled.

"Nope." I passed him his carrots and walked back into the front of the store to help my boss with the screaming girls that were lining up inside the store.


"Oh my gosh! Niall's eyes are so much prettier in person!"

"Did you see the way he smiled at me?!"

"I'm going to marry him one day just wait and see."

I shook my head and laughed quietly to myself as girl after girl walked by giddy after their short encounter with the famous boy band.

I had been leaning against a CD rack for three hours as countless girls came into Hastings, my work place, to meet and get autographs of One Direction.

My job was to make sure no one was cutting line and that no one got too crazy. So far everything had been peachy. Aside from high pitched screams coming from the young girls as their eyes layer upon the band.

Every now and then my gaze would drift to the five boys signing and taking pictures with their fans. They were so sweet to their fans, even the really crazy ones. I really admired that about them.

"Alright girls, we are taking the next ten girls and then the boys have to leave." My boss shouted to the crowd of screaming girls.

Groans came through the crowd as everyone started to walk away except the ten girls at the front of the line. I stared shocked as some of the girls that walked away were literarily crying from not being able to meet the 4 British boys and the 1 Irish boy. I guess they should have come sooner.

"Jessica thank you so much for your help today." I turned to my boss who looked way better than he had this morning.

"It's no problem. I told you there was no reason to stress out." I smiled at him as he sighed happily.

"I know, I stress myself out way too much sometimes." He smiled and patted my shoulder. "I don't know what I would have done without you today.

I laughed and rolled my eyes at my boss playfully. "You would have found someone else to help you."

"Probably, but there is only one Jessica." He winked at me. "But I came to tell you that you can go home now. I know your sister should be getting home from school soon."

"Okay, I'll see Thursday!" I said cheerfully as I pushed myself off the CD rack and walked to back of the store where I kept my purse.

"Bye Jessica! Thanks again!"

I waved at my boss and walked through the doors and grabbed my purse and slumped it over my shoulders. Finally, I can go home!


I wrapped my jacket tightly around me as the cold February wind blew against my body. I walked quickly to my old beat up bug that belonged to my mother. I grimaced as I opened the driver's side door and heard it creek in protest.

"I really need a new car." I mumbled to myself.

I quickly hopped into my car, put the key in the ignition, and turned the heat up on high. I leaned my back against the seat as I let my car heat up. My eyes fluttered closed from how tired today's work had made me.

Yawning I sat up and put my old car in reverse. I looked back to make sure no one was behind me when suddenly someone ran out behind my car.

Screaming, I slammed on my brakes and looked behind me again.

My car doors were being opened and one after another four boys quickly climbed into my back seat all of them were out of breath and their clothes were stretch and pulled.

"Drive!" A frantic voice screamed beside me. I turned back around to see Louis Tomlinson sitting in my passenger seat, his greenish-blue eyes wide with fear.

I looked around with wide eyes and that's when I heard the high-pitched screaming of girls running straight toward my car.

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