Crimson Skies (An Original Story)

Crimson Skies (An Original Story)

I'll get to the chair gripping, heart pounding introduction later.

But please read the first chapter anyway. (x

I promise you'll like it. ~

Chapter 1


by: vixybear
"All right, listen up ladies. Today are your S.S.T.'s, which stand for the Student Stimulation Test. One by one, you will be called into that room to show the Council what you've got. You only get half an hour, so don't mess it up. Any questions?"

Freckle raises her hand, her grey eyes sparkling with fear.

"Yes, girl?" General Reagan snarls.

"Can we bring our own weapons in? Because I —"

"No, you can't. You will be provided be with weapons inside, which are the ones you need to know how to use for the basic requirements. Any other questions?"

Freckle raises her hand again, but Reagan ignores it.

"Good. Up first is Mr. Bracken!" Bracken slowly stands up, his amber eyes wide in panic. He hesitantly heads inside, his hands shaking. Nothing new there, I think and take a seat on the extremely uncomfortable metal chairs they provide for us.

Shade, my best friend, takes a seat next to me. His green eyes are neutral, which doesn't surprise me. He was never one for showing his emotions — lucky him. His dark brown hair is cut shorter than usual, probably because his mom is so picky about his hair getting in his eyes. And probably because of this test.

You're probably wondering why we all have such unusual names. These 'names' they give us are our 'code names' as they call them. A way to put a label on us without using our real name.

The teachers at K.I.S.S. Academy (I'll explain the Academy's name later) prefer to keep the names we're born with a secret. Well, to everyone but the government. Apparently, it's a liability if anyone (besides the staff and government) knows our true name. Personally, I couldn't care less, but getting into this Academy meant everything to me, so I'll just go with the flow.

"Hey, Red," Shade almost smiles. Almost. I can see the bags under his eyes again.

"Haven't been sleeping well?" I ask, leaning back and spread my arms on either side of the chair.

He shakes his head, "I guess so. I don't remember in the morning, but during it I'm terrified." I almost chuckle at this, because it's hard imaging Shade experiencing fear. Or, any emotion for, for that matter.

"It's the same dream, too?"

"Yeah. It's always me running away from some man with bright red eyes, yelling that he's gonna kill me. But this time, I made it to the abandoned school."

"I'm not sure if that's good or not," I reply, pulling a hair off my shirt. I watch the red hair fall to the ground.

"Hey, look. It's Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!" says someone teasingly. I look to my right and see the most arrogant person I've ever met.

Titus is his name. Why they call him that? I'm not sure. Besides, ya know, his thick-built body and long, strong arms. Other than that, I have no clue. He's definitely not very bright, nor did he score high in the cooperation classes. They might as well have named him Rock, or Brick, which would suit him much better.

"Shut it," I snap, narrowing my eyes.

"Whatcha gonna do, little thing? Pretty me to death?" he chuckles, while his little gang (Sparks, Reed, and Wedge), snicker like rats.

"Maybe I will." I get up and walk over to him, and he copies me, towering above me at least two feet minimum.

"Leave her alone," says someone. I swing my head to my side, looking at who stepped in. It's Zero.

Let me get this straight: Zero is badass. Undeniably. No one has seen him mess up. Not even get an A- in academics. It's shocking, really.

Some say his family bought him into the school, or that he pays the teachers to give him grades. I don't think so. He doesn't seem like that. Then again, this is coming from a girl who has never even spoken to him, but still.

"Were we talking to you?" Titus snarls, his angry gaze resting on Zero.

The other boy, however, looks completely calm. His bright blue eyes are glued on Titus like a hawk about to scoop up its prey. Shiny black hair is swept across Zero's forehead, giving him an unneeded bad boy look.

Zero's lips curl into a grin, "you are now."

At that moment, Titus's fist clenches and he raises his arm back to punch Zero, but in that second, Zero disappears, leaving blue ashes in his place.

I probably should've told you this earlier, but everyone at K.I.S.S. Academy has a special ability. For example, I have the gift of extreme endurance and reflexes. Shade is able to turn into a swarm of darkness, or 'feathers' as I call it. Titus has superhuman strength. Zero can teleport. You get the point.

Titus's eyes widen as he frantically looks around for his opponent. I see Zero appear behind him, and I can't help but smirk. Zero quickly grabs the giant's arms and pins them behind his back, swiftly knocking him to the ground and bending his wrists at an awkward angle, causing Titus to yelp in pain.

General Reagan storms over, commanding Zero and Titus to separate. Titus angrily gets up, his nostrils flaring, while Zero looks bored.

"What's going on?" Reagan demands.

"Nothing. Just having a little play wrestle," I say quickly, glancing at Zero, who gives me an evil grin. Titus says nothing, only glaring at the two of us.

"Knock it off, then," the General snarls and walks off. I watch Titus, waiting for the threat that he always leaves off with.

"You got lucky, Little Red," he says, "next time I won't be as nice." He stalks off to his little rats, taking a seat in the middle of them while they speak, "you okay boss?" and "you let the loser show you up!"

I turn my attention back to Zero, who is now back in his seat. Our eyes lock, and I give him a nod, returning to my seat. What could possibly be making everyone so tense? What's going on that I don't know about?

● ● ●

It's been three hours since the little scuffle between Zero and Titus. Only half of a dozen of us remain to be tested, and I'm getting impatient. Anxiety is boiling in the pit of my stomach. Why am I always last?

Zero sits down next to me, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees while his hands are intertwined and his chin is resting on them. I swallow.

"Uh... Zero... thanks. For, ya know... Titus."

"No problem," he answers, sitting up and looking at me, his eyes looking into mine. Those bright blue eyes. Beautiful, crystal-like eyes... I don't realize I'm staring until he gives me a weird look. "Is there something on my face?"

"No," I answer quickly, looking down and playing with my hands, "I was just uh — thinking about something..." I trail off, avoiding his eyes.

"You know why the test is so long, right?" he asks.

"... No... why?"

"Because this is the big test. One of the biggest tests you'll probably ever take in your life."

"What's the big deal about it?"

"If you get an E or higher, you become an Elite. If you don't, you stay as a soldier. But if you're lucky, you can go into special training to be a commander."

From what I hear, an Elite is an honorary title. If you become an Elite, everyone respects you. You're top notch. Untouchable. Becoming an Elite Assassin has always been my dream. For as long as I can —

A sudden voice interrupts my thought.

"Red, you're up!" the General whistles, and I nervously step up. Zero gives me a reassuring nod when I pass him, indicating he has hope for me.

That makes me feel proud and not as nervous when I pass through the automated steel door, holding my head high.

Don't mess this up, Red. This is your only shot at actually becoming somebody.

About this story... I got inspiration when I started playing Borderlands [2], so I thought this would have a pretty interesting plot. Thoughts, please? The second chapter will be much deeper, I promise.
P.S. Link to a pic of what Red pretty much looks like;
(please ignore the easily-noticeable crappy editing XD).


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