I'm afraid of 10.5 out of 74 common fears plus explanations! learn a bit more about me! =)

If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend some counseling. If you get more than 20, you're paranoid. If you get 11-20, you are normal. If you get 10 or less, you're fearless. People who don't have any are FULL OF CRAP.

Ps. X means I fear it. if there is no X, I don't fear it.

Chapter 1

And here... We... GO!

I fear ...

[ ] Black people - That is really stupid, why should I fear someone who has different colour skin?

[1/2] The dark - I'm half half on that one, I sorta do but sorta don't

[ ] Staying single forever - Don't mind the single life =)

[ ] Being a parent - I want to have kids, when I'm ready of course

[ ] Being in front of others - I don't care what people think, I love to shock people =P

[X] Open spaces - yeah I get way too creeped out...

[X] Closed places - Use to love them when I was a child but I was locked in a small space and taunted for ages until the teacher found me... Now I freak out.

[X] Heights - I've climbed the harbour bridge and it was fun... scary but fun =) I fear it but I've confronted it.

[ ] Dogs large ones - I love large dogs!!! it's the little ones that make me scream and run...

[ ] Birds - Tweet! Birdies are cute =) even Ibises

[ ] Fish - I bred fish when I was a kid =P

[X] Spiders - I see spider, I run. I ran out of the bathroom with only a towel screaming once... and there were guests over who thought I saw a murderer! xD

[ ] Flowers or other plants - I like plants. =3

Total so Far: 4.5

[ ] Fire - piro =P

[X] Deep water - I drowned when I was little... enough said.


[ ] Silk - Why is silk on this list? if it was cotton buds, I would understand cause of their feel shudders

[ ] The ocean - It's beautiful, never fear what is beautiful

[ ] Failure - Failed so many times, kinda gotten over that

[ ] Success - Success would prove everyone who doubted me wrong! Not gonna hate that! xD

[ ] Thunder/lightning - It's calming for me

[ ] Frogs/toads - Ribbet! =P

[ ] My boyfriends/girlfriends dad - N/A

[ ] My boyfriends/girlfriends mom - N/A

[X] Rats - I had to pick up a dead rat once and it was huge!! it was the size of my forearm! My deputy teacher could hear me screaming from the other side of the school when I saw another one in the gardens later that day

[ ] Jumping from high places - I love jumping, climbing then jumping down, I love adventure

[ ] Snow - Saw it once, very light but I was entranced by it

Total so Far: 7.5

[ ] Rain - rain is sooo much better than a hot sun

[ ] Wind - I don't like it but I don't fear it either

[ ] Crossing hanging bridges - What?

[ ] Death - Ha! No, I don't fear death

[ ] Heaven - JohnnyDeppist!

[ ] Being robbed/mugged/r^ped - The robber should fear me and as the third one goes, been there, and ain't gonna happen... I'm not going to let it happen ever again

[ ] Falling - I've fallen over so many times it's bloody funny!

[ ] Clowns - .... Seriously? I am the Joker! People fear me!

[ ] Dolls - Creepy but I've never seen a doll I fear (love child's play!)

[X] Large crowds of people - Don't like too many people

[ ] Men - Hehehe

[ ] Women - Hehehe

[ ] Having great responsibilities - I've accepted responsibilities and taken on as much as you can give to somebody

[ ] Doctors - No unless he/she/it has a needle, then I freakin run!

[ ] Dentists - No, they have never scared me

[ ] Tornadoes - Meh, not really much of a nature-fearer

Total so Far: 8.5

[ ] Hurricanes - see last answer

[ ] Incurable diseases - I believe you should live each moment as if it could be your last and if I had an incurable disease, I wouldn't fear it or the death it will bring, I would ask the doctors not to tell me or anyone else how long I have and enjoy life and leave death to surprise me

[X] Sharks - the teeth and the eyes! gah and the teeth!... oh those bloody teeth!

[ ] Friday the 13th - Favourite day!

[ ] Ghosts - No, I love talking to them

[ ] Poverty - I would think of it as a challenge rather than a fearful thing

[ ] Halloween - Favourite holiday ever! I hate other holidays, Halloween is the best

[ ] School - No, I enjoyed school (the learning part and a few friends) other people in school I hate.

[ ] Trains - I ride the trains a lot =P

[ ] Odd numbers - I love threes and fives

[ ] Even numbers - The best!

[ ] Being alone - Solitary is what I'm use to

[ ] Becoming blind - I would adjust

[ ] Becoming deaf - Halfway there

[ ] Growing up - Grew up long ago

[ ] Fairies/Edward Cullen lol! HA! love fairies except for Cullen

[ ] Creepy noises in the night - It helps get the creative juices flow

[ ] Not accomplishing my dreams/goals - I will, no fear at all

[X] Needles - I scream blue murder, the doctor has to pin me down xD

[ ] Blood - Vampire! Haha!

[ ] Seagulls - Interesting... I love feeding them

In all: 10.5

Now re-post with title "I'm afraid of X out of 74 common fears


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