Setting Off (An Original Story)

The adventure begins!

Chapter 1

Characters (Sorry)

Name: Rider Doffle
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Family: Harry Doffle, 39 (dad), Molly Doffle, 36 (mom), Jack Doffle, 7 (brother), Quin Doffle, 12 (sister)
Looks: Rider is a tall boy with dark brown, short, spikey hair. He has bright blue eyes, and he's well-muscled.
Personality: Rider is very rebellious. He does what he wants, when he wants. Even though he is rebellious, he can be very gentle and nice at times, and he's very helpful, for he always does his chores.
Reason for running away: His father is very strict. So, whenever his father gets drunk, it's sorta like having a police officer shoving you into a jail cell. You can fight back, but it never works. So he ran away. His father is an alchohalic addict. Whenever he comes back from work it's past midnight and he always wakes Rider up saying, "Hey, my boy! GET UP NOW!" and then slaps him across the face.
Other: When he runs away, he carries a slingshot that his dad made for him when he was only 5.

Name: Skyler (Angel) Jackson
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Family: Victoria, 35 (mom), Zander, 12 (brother), Dave, 15 (brother). His father died in a car crash back from work.
Looks: She has long, red hair. Her eyes are the color of an oak tree. Her smile can make people turn from a bad mood into a good mood.
Personality: Skyler is very kind, and follows the rules. Infact, she's so kind that her nickname is Angel. She is very protective over Zander, even though he is only one year younger than her because her 5 year old sister got beat up to death.
Reason for running away: She did something she wasn't supposed to do. What did she do, you ask? She smoked. She drank beer. She was stupid. That's why. Her mother found out, and got mad at her. Since she rarely got in trouble and was always the 'good kid', she was very confused, for this was the most she has ever gotten in trouble. Therfore, she ran away.
Other: The family dog, Rascle, followed her. She carries a stick and rock.

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