Avengers- a collection of love stories.

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For those Of you who have, here they are, like promised.
Chapters and corresponding characters
One- Thor
Two- Loki
Three- Iron Man
Four- Hawkeye
Five- Capsicle
Six- Hulk

Chapter 1

Thor - Tell me you love me

You picked a long stick up from the ground and twirled it in your fingers before lobbing it through the heart Of a practice dummy twenty feet away. Being a stick, it naturally didn't sink in very far, but a voice from the shadows complimented your throw.

"That would leave a very large bruise, I think. Painful one, as well. You have good aim, for a mortal."

A large man stepped up behind you, the one who had been speaking. Well, large was an understatement. He was over six feet tall and broad shouldered, well built. You couldn't help but gape slightly at his long blond locks and twinkling blue eyes. And you weren't boy-crazy like some girls, but this guy was cute.

"My name is Thor. And you, fair maiden?" Your suddenly shy eyes and blushing cheeks made him smile.

"You're kidding!" you laughed, flushed with the cold.

"Nay," he said with a smile, eyes fixed on you. His intense gaze made your face more red. "My dear, are you quite alright? Your face is scarlet." Thor reached out a hand and brushed your hair out of your eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" you twittered, nearly fainting at his touch. But tough girls don't faint. "It's just cold." You shivered slightly.

"Well then, let me take you back to base." Thor looped his arm through yours and walked back to S.H.I.E.L.D. His eyes never left your face.

Once there, he kneeled before you and put his lips to your hand. "Until next time, my beautiful maiden."

Only when you were back in your room did you find a red rosebud in your pocket.

"Thor, I was going to ask you-" you started, then paused and glanced at him.

Thor smiled. "Yes?" he asked. You noticed him move a few feet closer.

"I just wondered..." Your eyes fixed on his. "Do you love me?"

He stepped right up to you, then slipped one arm around your waist. "Forever and always," he whispered into your hair. "And believe me, forever is a very long time."

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