America (Alfred) X Reader

Here's another Country x Reader story. I'm kind of addicted to writing these now, so expect more in the future! Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

Chapter 1!

You laid in bed, listening to the rain. It was another one of those rainy, boring saturdays and you wanted to sleep. Right before you drifted back into sleep, you heard a loud knock and a voice that yelled "Yo, (your name)! Let me in!" It was Alfred. "Ughh go away, I'm sleeping!"
"No you're not, I can hear you taking!"
"This is a pre-recorded message."
"Oh c'mon, (your name)!"
You groaned in annoyance and sat up. "Fine, I'm coming," you said. You shuffled to the door and opened it.
Alfred walked in and took a seat on the couch. "So I just got this beast game, it's called Black Ops! You wanna play?"
"Sure," you said. "But I need a shower first. You stay here and get used to the controls, okay?"
"Sounds great!"
As you walked towards the bathroom you heard Alfred say "Alright, now it's time to kick ass!"


Now dried off and dressed, you combed your damp hair and put in a ponytail. You heard rapid fire coming from the living room accompanied with "Are you serious?! He shoulda died!" You stepped out of the bathroom and said "I'm done. Hey, you should get the multiplayer set up and I'll make popcorn."
"Okay!" he replied.

You brought back the popcorn and handed a bag to Alfred. "Thanks!" he said. I looked at the screen. "So what map are we playing?"
"Nuketown looked righteous, so I picked that one."
"M'kay," you said in agreement.
You joined the game and started playing.

"8,000 more points and I get an M60 upgrade!" Alfred said.
"4,500 more for me and my AK-47 is up to level 3!"
After the time ran out, you had won by eight kills.
"Crap!" Alfred exclaimed. You teased him by saying "You just got owned by a girl!"
He narrowed his eyes at you. "Let's make a bet."
"Hm? Okay, but if it involves this game, you are so going down!"
"No, we're going to watch a movie."
"Uhh... Okay?"
"It's a horror movie. First one to scream or jump loses."
"Alright, what do I get when I win?"
"/If/ you win, you get to make me do whatever you want. If I win, you have to do whatever I want."
"Okay, it's a bet!" and you both shook hands.

After the first 20 minutes of the film, there wasn't much but gore. You were both keeping strong. Halfway through the film, there was a jumpscare. You jumped.

"Ha!" Alfred said. "You jumped!"
You groaned, but stopped and asked "Wait.... How come you didn't jump? ....You've seen this movie before, haven't you!"
"Maybe...." he said with a big grin.
"Ugh, whatever..."
"First order of business, you're going to call me 'Master'!"
"What is the se--" he stopped you mid-sentence with a kiss. You were surprised. You had always had a crush on Alfred. It had faded away when you started to believe he didn't have the same feelings. Eventually, you gave up and decided you were always going to be just friends. Until now, apparently....
He pulled back and looked at you. "Second, you have to love me."
You grinned "I wouldn't say have to..." and kissed back.
You pulled back for air and asked "So Master... You up for another round of Black Ops?"


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