Other bad news in the world of wolves...

Other bad news in the world of wolves...

Chapter 1


I haven't written about this yet, but two weeks ago I found out that my adopted wolf Pahana had passed away. This hit me pretty hard when I heard because I knew he had been battling cancer - I had adopted him because of this in hope to help fund his medical needs. He was such a beautiful animal and I know all the people at Wolf Haven made his life as wonderful and comfortable as possible. I thank them for that. He had inspired me more than I can relate here. Here is some of what they wrote about Pahana in their letter:

"This is one of the hardest deaths we have had to tell you about - Pahana has passed away. He had been in decline, but until recently, still enjoyed what we perceived as good quality of life. Pahana’s activity and appetite level waned over the last couple of months, but still, most days he would greet animal care at the fence, excited for breakfast (pot roast was his fav). However, as is often the case with cancer in wolves, once the downward spiral began, it progressed rapidly. He eventually stopped eating even his favorites, which made it impossible to give him the increased pain medications he had been receiving from us.

Euthanasia is something we never enter into lightly. We agonize over our decision and want to be sure we are doing right by the wolves in our care. While we appreciate the fact that every moment that we spend in this life is a gift, we don’t want our friends to suffer and we are duty bound to make sure that doesn’t happen. When quality of life is gone and when bad moments outweigh the good, we search our hearts (and consult with the vet) and make the decision to help our friends along. It was a peaceful passing for Pahana, and we were honored to be able to help.

Pahana meant so much to so many of you- and understandably so. While every single one of our residents is special, there has never been anyone like him. What a gift he has been and continues to be."

In memory of Pahana, I have contributed to his memorial plaque and will be adopting his little sister Mehina as well.Today is Wolf Haven's 30th anniversary.

You can read about Mehina here: http://wolfhaven.org/our_wolves/mehina.php
Wolf Haven website: http://wolfhaven.org/index.php
Wolf Haven on facebook (great photos): https://www.facebook.com/Wolfhavenintl


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