A Place We Never Knew Existed {LOTR Story}

My first story! Kat is reading LOTR and gets sucked throught the pages into Middle Earth.And then her friend Bonnie gets sucked in too.

Chapter 1

The Shire

I ran home from the library.I couldn't wait to start reading The Fellowship of the Ring."Dinner will be ready in ten minutes."Mam called from the kitchen as I opened the front door.I took off my jacket and went upstairs to my room.I sat down on my bed and started reading.I felt myself being pulled down towards the book."This is weird"I muttered to myself.Suddenly a black portal opened out of the book and I fell through.I was in a forest,the one near The Shire in the movie.I turned around and saw Merry,Pippin and Sam gaping at me."Who are you?"asked Sam."You just appeared out of nowhere!"exclaimed Merry."I'm Katherine,but you can call me Kat,and I have no idea how I got here."I said."Your clothes are strange"said Pippin.I was wearing a t-shirt with a cheetah on it,black skinny jeans and blue converse."Get off the road!"Frodo shouted from somewhere up ahead.I'd seen the movie of this lots of times,so I knew what was coming."Down here!"I yelled.We jumped off the road and hid.I heard a Nazgul.Merry threw something to distract it and we ran.We got to a river and jumped onto the ferry."There's something you're not telling us Frodo.What were those things?"Merry asked."They were Nazgul,"I explained."How do you know?"asked Frodo,who looked amazed."I know lots of things about Middle Earth."I told him."So where are we going?"Pippin asked.Frodo was about to speak but I interupted him,"We have to go to Bree and meet Gandalf."They looked even more amazed than before."How do you know about Gandalf,you're from a different world!"they demanded."As I said,I know a lot of things about Middle Earth."I replyed.

Bonnie POV
I rang the doorbell.Kat's mam answered."Hello Bonnie,Kat's in her room."she said and let me in."Kat is one of my best friends.We live really close to each other so we have lots of sleepovers and stuff like that."Hi Kat!"I said as I walked into her room.She wasn't there.I went over to her bed and picked up the book that was lying there.I gasped as a portal came out of the book and I was pulled through.I fell onto a raft.I sat up,it was the ferry from The Lord of the Rings movie! I looked around and saw Kat with Merry,Sam,Pippin and Frodo."Bonnie!"she cried."Im gelir ceni ad lín Kat!"I said.We were on my laptop one day and found a website with elvish on it,and being big fans we learnt it until we new everything on the website."Man mathach?"Kat asked.We continued our conversation in elvish until Pippin asked my name,and all the others wanted to know more about me.Soon we reached Bree.It was lashing rain.W e went to an inn.Frodo went to ask abou Gandalf and the rest of us got drinks.As we sipped our ale we giggled and smiled at each other.Back home we were too young to drink ale.But here it didn't seem to matter.Pippin and Merry started dancing on the table."Do you wanna join in?"Kat asked me."You bet!"I replyed.So we got up and danced with them and laughed and sang until we were too tired to do anything else.

Sorry its a short chapter.The first one is always the hardest.Comment what you think and whether I should continue or not.


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