The dark faires

The dark faires

This is a group story! yay!

Chapter 1

The start

I started out as a normal 17 teenage girl,going to parties,kissing boys,shopping. But that all changed on our trip to Hawii.I was going to the snack shak to get a smothie,when my little brother, George, came up and squirt me with his water blaster. i cashed him into the water,but sience he could not swim he did not go far.but then i tripped and fell into the water.every thing went black. I woke up and saw i was in a cave. HOW DID I GET HERE? i thought.I stood up and looked around.What i saw was a big rock pool big enough for a girl my size to lay down flat in. By it was a scrool. I looked to see if anyone was here. no. So i picked it up,and brushing it off,read it. No,no,no,no!!!!! I dont belive it!!!! I yelled.
i read,
In this cave you shall become evil,with a pair of wings and evil eyes.We will be comeing for you at dawn.This is the last time you will be mortal.

I shook with fear,dropping the scroll.i looked at the water comeing in to the cave.We learned in sience that water rises in the day and falls at night. There was hardly any water in,it is getting closer to dawn.Just then i herd a rumble. Something rose from the entrence of the cave.A figure of a fairy.It had 3 other fairies behind it.


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