Short Story (Creative Writing)

A story about an argument in an airport.

Please give suggestions on what to fix!! It's for English class, so it would help!!


Chapter 1

by: For_You
A wail pierced through the airport full of rushes, business calls, and kids playing tag. Luce’s eyes wandered lazily to the sound of the wail. A little girl, no older than seven years old, struggled between her father’s tight grasp on her wrists.

“I don’t want to! I don’t want… LET ME GO!” The man slapped her across the cheek and commanded her to shut up. Luce stood onto her feet, left her bags at her seat, and sped towards the little girl. She wrenched the girl from the father and hid the young one behind her back.

“You have no right to hurt her. She is your daughter and you cannot treat her with such rudeness.” The gruff man looked at her, appalled.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” The man’s mouth reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. “And who told you that you could interrupt my conversation with my baby girl.”

“Conversation?” Luce used the man’s word, “You slapped your daughter across the face. This isn’t a conversation.” She would’ve continued to yell at the man, but he shoved her to the side and her thin body crashed onto the ground.

“No. No!” The girl shrieked as she was dragged away from Luce. Luce’s stringy brown hair fell in front of her face and she stared at the ground. She was unable to help the girl, just like she was unable to help herself from her own abusive father.

“Are you all right, ma’am?” She glanced up and found a security guard standing above her, offering his hand. She shook her head while she held out her hand, the tips of her fingers trembling.

“A man… a man mistreated his little girl and he just… he just…” her voice stammered out. The security guard tilted his head with a confused look on his face.

“Lady, I’ve been watching this area, including yourself this entire time. There was no man or girl. You must’ve been imagining it. Are you better now?” Luce screamed when she saw the man behind the policeman, with a knife pointing towards her. The guard turned around and then reexamined her. “Do you need a doctor, miss?”

“But it was real.” It was real. She shook her head and backed away slowly. I’m not crazy. Luce spun around and ran through the airport and out an emergency exit. She lay her back on the brick wall and closed her eyes, whispering, “Leave me be, father.”


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