Hey guys and girls:D

Hey guys and girls:D

Chapter 1

Looking at a Black Sharpie:D

Hey everyone xD
So I have tons of friends that I really don't talk to and I've been skimming my list and trying to get to know them better!

Thanks to everyone who added my best friend~Abi
Thanks to everyone who commented on my photos~haha most of you know how shy I am! And how my camera and I are getting a divorse because haha It takes horrible pictures of me! JK!

If you also wanna know your not talking to some weirdo.... Haha my profile picture(yes thats me!) or just check out the ol' album!

Haha so msg me? I would love to get to know you guys:D
Theres alot of people I have conversations with and they are total sweethearts:)

Quick Shout Out:
Matt~such a sweat-heart! I love embarrassing him:D
Sally~This is my girl! Love her so much:) Shes so sweet and such a beauty_fly!
Sarah~Matts sister! Very sweet and such a fun person to talk to!
Eli~He can keep a conversation going! It was so fun to talk to him:) Hes very sweet!
Tegan~My grannie xD Recently got a new account but haha this girl knows about... EVAN! (GASP!)
Emma~So funny to talk to:) She always compliments me and is so caring! Shes very outgoing and I love when I see a message from her!
Nadia~This girl... We are responsible for Matts embarrassment(sorry matt:D)

Don't see your name?
Haha msg me:D I am pretty open so if you want to comment first and ask me questions then feel free!


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