my teenage dream

my teenage dream

hiiii:)who ever is reading this,i've been trying at this,this whole story writing thing & this is what i came up with,so i hope you like it,and if you do please comment &if you dont,well that would really please message me for criticism/ideas or if you just feel like chatting,I would really appreciate it.thank:))

Chapter 5

"so i have an EP out called "Human" and its very short and its very small and its very sweet. Like me."

sorry i know its really short. ___________________________________________________________________
Payal went back to the apartment. Her and sonal sorted their outfits out and went to pick alka up from the airport. Alka and Payal both did a funny slow motion run into each other,they turned a few heads but they both didn’t really care,they embraced in a giant bear hug,sonal joined in shortly too.
When they got to the car Payal helped put Alka put her luggage in the boot.all three of them hoped into the car, Payal was driving. Alka told them how her life was in the big city, she talked about how amazing but busy work had been and how she so excited to finally take a break and just relax and come and visit, when Sonal ask “so did you tell her?”
“I’ll tell her when we all unwind and get back to the apartment”
“tell me what?”asked Alka
“I’ll tell you later”
“come on Payal just tell her now” pleaded Sonal
“no!”said Payal raising her voice a bit now
“you’ve been talking about this for over 30 seconds so you’ve officially made this into a conversation so just tell me already!”Alka was also getting frustrated now way too eager to know what was going on.
“well last night-“ Payal started but then Sonal started telling the story so Payal just let her tell the whole thing.
“OH MY GOSS Payal THAT IS SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START...well I guess I always had a feeling you would meet him one day but never like that!this is so freaking cool,I remember that day when we still lived in san fran and you were googling part of your world covers and you stumbled over darrens cover and you were like “Alka he is so cute I love his hair!..and his voice is just amazing”said Alka trying to sound like me.
“I so do not sound like that”
“yeah you do”said Alka and Sonal in union. Payal just rolled her eyes at them
“I'm just so happy for you Payal!”
“I know I can kinda tell,but why do you guys keep on saying you’re so happy for me?its not like we’re gonna fall madly in love and run away together and live happily ever after,we’re just friends guys,I don’t even know if can even call us friends?and I mean he’s Darren criss and I'm me,Payal .even if we do become friends it will probably be nothing more than that”
“why do you always have to go and be a buzzkill?”
“sorry,its just that I can’t get my hopes high,I have to know my place,any way we have to decide what you’re gonna wear,I’ll lean you an outfit”
“please Payal I knew we were gonna go out eventually plus I didn’t carry giant suit cases full of just casual dress clothing”
“okay,okay”answered payal

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