my teenage dream

my teenage dream

hiiii:)who ever is reading this,i've been trying at this,this whole story writing thing & this is what i came up with,so i hope you like it,and if you do please comment &if you dont,well that would really please message me for criticism/ideas or if you just feel like chatting,I would really appreciate it.thank:))

Chapter 4

Payal's got a phone call!

she and Darren were at a indie concert the band was amazing until they sounded a lot like her alarm clock, Payal woke up finding herself in her room. She checked her messages on her phone, she remembered seeing like 12 unopened ones before she dozed off last night, she checked her phone there was now 25 unopened messages, 7 missed calls from Sonal 1 unknown & one voice mail message. She checked her messages first 12 were from Sonal the other 13 were from alka!
Payal started happy dancing when she read the messages. Her sister was coming to visit, Payal was so excited Payal missed alka like cray cray since she started working in new York at the metropolitan art museum , she was coming this afternoon! Payal was super excited. She went and had a bath deciding that it was best she made breakfast for Sonal sure she had a massive hangover, run down to the small grocery shop next to their apartment and get some stuff that she knows her sister likes to eat and snack on.
Payal remembered she needed to check her voice mail, she was gonna check it first and then run down to the grocery shop .it had to be from the unknown number because Sonal never left voice messages. She got changed checked her voice mail
“Hey there I don’t know if you remember me from last night, I’m the crazy guy who knocked you off your feet... literally and then spilled his drink on you, anyway if you don’t remember its darren i needed to talk to you about something and i really hate doing this silly voice mail thing so call me on the same number when you get this” HOLY ADSJKSHJFDHFJHFEH!!!!She had missed darrens phone call! She called him since Sonal didn’t know what happened yet and was still sleeping so she couldn’t ask her. She called the number and waited
“hell-o” someone answered the phone, it wasn’t Darren, Payal got really nervous and was about to hang up when she heard Darren shouting the background “hello?”
“Hi it’s Payal”
“Oh hey, how are you?”
“I’m goooood:)and you?”
“Never been better, sorry about that, it was chord he jacked my phone and was messing with it”
“Wait did you just say chord as in chord overstreet?”
“I need a moment” payal did a small fangirling scream and started jumping up and down “hello? Sorry ‘bout that” Darren just laughed at her “sorry I needed a moment to fangirl” laughed Payal
“Don’t apologize I thought it was adorable” Payal blushed “so I'm guessing you’re a gleek?”
“Hell yeah!” Darren chuckled at her answer it was so cute. “So you asked me to call you?”Asked Payal remembering why she called in the first place
“Umm, well there’s this club that’s opening tonight and because its opening night and stuff there’s gonna be lots of people and” Darren rambled on and Payal couldn’t help smiling at him rambling it was the most adorable thing “and because I'm awesome and I got some passes well 7 actually and last night I meant what I said about meeting you again, so basically I wanted to know if you wanted to come with, you can bring some friends in case you feel awkward or anything I'm bringing some of mine”
“That sounds really awesome! I would love to!” said Payal accepting his invite excitedly
“Cool! So I’ll pick you up at 7:30?”
“Yeah that’s perfect!”Payal couldn’t hide her excitement
“Text me the directions, oh and the dress code slash theme is red carpet”
“YOU KNOW IT!”Darren seemed pretty excited too. After saying they goodbyes Payal finally hung up the. She held her phone then realizing that her sister was coming tonight!fvck!this was awesome yet oh so very complicated! Payal had to now tell Sonal and alka the story this was gonna be a long day.
Payal was just about to make breakfast she opened the freezer.fvck no bacon!Oh well she was gonna go to the grocery shop anyway. She walked down to the cute, small grocery shop that always had exactly what you needed. She grabbed some bacon and other stuff like more flour and butter since they were always out with all the baking they both did. When she got back sonal was still knocked out. She started on the breakfast. She made pancakes,toast,bacon&eggs.perfect hangover food, actually just perfect food all together.
“Is that bacon I smell?”Asked sonal, she must have just woken up
“good morning to you too and yes it is there’s eggs,toast,pancakes and heres some coffee thought you might need some” said Payal handing her a cuppa
“you really are the bestest”
“I know!”joked Payal “so how was last night?”
“Payal you so should of stayed it was sooo freaking awesome!”
“well I have some awesome news to ...ALKA IS COMING DOWN TONIGHT!” “and some other stuff”mumbled Payal she knew sonal was gonna be super happy and excited about the whole Darren thing but was gonna kill her for not waking her up and telling her earlier.
“thats so awesome!i love alka she like the sister I never had” Payal gave her a look like what-the-hell I-thought-I-was-the-sister-you-never-had “well older sister,so what other stuff” she heard the mumble.
“but promise me you wont kill me straight away and just listen the entire time I explain”
“well it depends what it is like if you met Darren criss or something then maybe yeah,but I highly doubt its something like that,so what is it?”
“lets just say it is like that or something maybe?”asked Payal nervous but excited to see her reaction.
Payal explained the whole story as sonal obediently listened to Payal and nodded her head and she started jumping when she told her about the singing and when chord answered darrens phone.when Payal was finally done telling her the story.sonal had no word but they eventually came “I cant believe this is actually happing!it feels like a dream!”
“I know how you feel,but Darren is so awesome,in those few stolen moments,he was just so cute and funny and charming,he was just so Darren”
“aww thats so cute,I'm so happy right now”
“me too!well I have to go now I’ll be back in an hour I'm just gonna run down to the shelter”
“but Payal its the weekend you’re off”
“yeah I know I just wanna check on one of the dogs shes gonna have pups in a few months time,I just wanna see if shes okay then I’ll be back chose our outfits and stuff and then we’ll go pick up alka come home and get home explain to her and Darren will pick us up,bye love ya see you just now go have a bath stinky”
“I do not smell!”
“thats what you think!” shouted Payal as she walked out of the apartment.

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