my teenage dream

my teenage dream

hiiii:)who ever is reading this,i've been trying at this,this whole story writing thing & this is what i came up with,so i hope you like it,and if you do please comment &if you dont,well that would really please message me for criticism/ideas or if you just feel like chatting,I would really appreciate it.thank:))

Chapter 3

call me maybe

“ You know most fan girls that I meet give me their name & e-mail& facebook& twitter& number you, didn't even give me your name I had to ask”
“so you want my number so you can call me maybe” laughed Payal “well i guess I’m not just any fan girl”
“I guess not” smiled Darren & then the most randomest dreamsicalist thing happen he started singing, what was Payal gonna do to make him stop she loved his voice & all but people were gonna start watching any minute. Damn this boy was unpredictable!
Darren: “Don't ask me, I'll never tell I looked to you as it fell”
Payal: “& now you’re in my way”
Darren: “I'd trade my soul for a wish,Pennies and dimes for a kiss”
With that Darren leaned towards her & pouted. Payal just laughed and stepped back.
Payal: “I wasn’t looking for this & now you’re in my way, your stare was holding”
Darren held his stare eyes locked on Payal
Payal: “Ripped jeans, skin was showin' Hot night, wind was blowin'”
Darren: “Where you think you’re going baby?”
They both sang “hey I just met you, & this is crazy”
Payal found a pen in her clutch, jotted her number on a tissue, gave it to him & sang “so here’s my number so call me may be”& with that she ducked under his arm out the door. He ran after her & grabbed her wrist, she turned her head slightly, looking at him with the corner of her eye, he sang “it’s hard to look right at you bab-”
“Darren what the hell are you doing!?” Perez shot Payal an icy glare “I thought I told you that you were on soon”
“Sorry, I just bumped into something, well someone actually” Darren looked up at Payal
“Well, what are you doing still standing here? Come on get going you barely have time to warm up”
“Perez” someone called, Darren at least had a chance to say goodbye.
“I really have to go in case he comes back here & rips my head off” laughed Darren darkly “am I gonna see you out there?” Darren asked, Payal just nodded “well I hope we can do this again sometime” “what the bumping into me or the spilling your drink on me?” joked Payal “as much fun I had spilling my drink on you I was thinking more the talking & singing, you were really amazing” “I wasn’t that amaz-” “I really have to go ,bye” Darren quickly hugged her & ran off
Payal finally found the table they were seated at & fell into a chair next to Sonal “where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere, I lost you in the crowd and then” Sonal went on& on but Payal let her she was still in shock of what happened just a few minutes ago, this would forever change her life, it was every fangirls dream to sing with Darren & it was a dream come true for her to even meet him, a voice interrupted Payal’s thoughts.
”hello everybody, I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely evening,& if you don’t know who this weird voice that is speaking to you is, hi my names Darren some of you might know my from the amazing show I have been able to star in called Glee or you might know me from the starkid productions& fewer of you might know me from the silly YouTube videos of me jamming it out, but let’s get back to the music now, the first track that I'm gonna be singing to you is a song I wrote before Glee& Starkid and it just reminds us that we all trip on our own feet sometimes” Payal thought Darren looked right at her, but she was sure it was just in her head “,cause we’re not all perfect and we’re Human” Darren started playing Human which was followed by some of his starkid songs & covers he did before stardom. The rest of the night went by fast like zoooooooooooooooooooooom :D Sonal spent the night talking to some guy she thought was cute so Payal didn’t have a chance to tell her what happened earlier.Payal decided to skip on the after party & head home.her feet were killing her & she was exhausted from the week that past.she gave sonal her car keys & told her she washeading home sonal begged her to stay but payal refused.payal hopped into a cab got back to the apartment,had a bath and watched some glee she watched never been kissed to comeback,then fell off to sleep on the couch,she got up when to her room and drifted into sweet dreams of darren.
hi guys please comment or rate,starting to get worried:/

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