my teenage dream

my teenage dream

hiiii:)who ever is reading this,i've been trying at this,this whole story writing thing & this is what i came up with,so i hope you like it,and if you do please comment &if you dont,well that would really please message me for criticism/ideas or if you just feel like chatting,I would really appreciate it.thank:))

Chapter 2

I'll know. Without a doubt, it'll just-BAM-hit me. Like lightening.

They arrived and the place was fulled with people. there was live music playing.Payal & Sonal we're trying to find their way the table they were assigned,there were large crowds of people standing and talking almost everywhere you walked,Payal and sonal tried to do their best not to bump into them,Sonal was succeeding,but Payal not so much,she had lost sight of Sonal while bumping into someone and apologizing,she continued walking trying to find Sonal until she practically ran into someone that was going the opposite direction of her and they both landed on the floor.the person's drink had spilled all over the bust of Payal's dress"OH CRAP!"thought Payal to herself.
"OH crap!are you okay?i'm really sorry I didn't see you there"said the guy Payal ran into.
"yeah i'm okay,i'm sorry I wasn't looking where i was going,i guess i tripped on my own feet"laughed Payal embarrassed trying to get herself together.
"I can be such a clutz sometimes"they both said
" here lemme help you up" the stranger offered his hand and Payal took it gratefully.he pulled her up one hand holding her hand and the other around her waist supporting her,her body now facing his,she stepped back and dusted out her dress,and looked up to meet the beautiful hazel eyes of the stranger...HOLY MOTHER OF CRISS!!!
"oh crap I spilt my drink on you,umm... i should help get you cleaned up" said Darren.
"Darren you're gonna be on in like 45 minutes you should be getting ready now"suggested Perez
"Yeah,i know i was going to but i never saw you since i got here & i wanted to say hi so hi"explained Darren
"hi now go and get yourself ready"Perez shooed Darren off
he started walking back when he wasn't looking where he was going and ran into a girl,she was beautiful and already he had made a fool of himself
"OH crap!are you okay?i'm really sorry I didn't see you there"
"yeah i'm okay,i'm sorry I wasn't looking where i was going,i guess i tripped on my own feet"replied the girl,her voice was so sweet,he could her it in her voice how embarrassed she was. "I can be such a clutz sometimes"he said trying to make her feel better but instead she had said the exact same thing! he helped her up off the floor she was so close to him and she stepped away,"why did she step away!" he thought "ugh!silliy darren you're a stranger of course shes gonna step away from you"as he starred at her dusting out her dress,she finally looked up at him as their eyes meet,she looked startled,okay maybe she did know him,he had to get her away from the crowd quickly. "oh crap I spilt my drink on you,umm... i should help get you cleaned up" remembered Darren.
"no its okay,I'll be fine"Payal hadn't much of a choice cause Darren had already grabbed her wrist leading her near the primping area outside the ladies room.Darren leaned against the frame of the door while Payal grabbed some tissues from a dispenser & started to try & clean herself up.
"so what bring you out on the lovely Friday night?I don't suppose you're the type of girl who comes out just to get drinks spilled on her by jerks like me?"
"no you're actually have me figured out quite well,how i love the the stain that it will leave behind cause if i ever wear it again it will be like an old memory of that night I went to that party"laughed Payal
"Really?" asked Darren as if he might actually believe her.
"No"giggled Payal "my friend/roommate's boss couldn't make it so she gave the passes to us,she works at the English cloud"explained Payal
"Is that the place with that really cute logo,what was it?umm...that cute little cloud with a bowling hat,moustache&bowtie?"asked Darren
"yeah!that the one"said Payal shocked that Darren freakin' Criss knew the English Cloud
"so what do you do?"ask Darren trying to find out more about her in the little time he had.
"well by day I work at an animal shelter as a vet,but by night I play at various cafes,I got a scholarship to here & study vet-sci but i always felt like I had a calling for the arts so i waitered my way through & one day i asked my boss if i could have a gig to play at nights & he said yes & i majored in Theater Performance"said Payal as she finished primping & cleaning herself
"woah!now that is really impressive"commented Darren "nah not really,i just answered my calling"laughed Payal.Darren was still leaning by the door frame in Payal's way.
"so what I'm I gonna do to get you to move,sing to you?"joked Payal
"Maybe..."answered Darren.

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