my teenage dream

my teenage dream

hiiii:)who ever is reading this,i've been trying at this,this whole story writing thing & this is what i came up with,so i hope you like it,and if you do please comment &if you dont,well that would really please message me for criticism/ideas or if you just feel like chatting,I would really appreciate it.thank:))

Chapter 1

reality or just a teenage dream

"almost ready!",shouted Payal(pronouced Pie-ill) from down the passageway.
"you've been almost ready for the past hour"replied Sonal,Payal's flat mate ever since she moved there,her patients was wearing out & her irritation growing.
"i swear i'm almost ready now,i have to look perfect, i mean its not everyday you get an opportunity to meet Darren freaking Criss!"
"ok fine just hurry up,cause with you trying to look perfect we might miss the whole show/party extravagasa all together"said sonal as she sat & spinned around on a bar-stool next to a counter that over looked the kitchen of their fairly well sized,cute apartment in Los angeles.
Payal was 24 years old,she moved from San Francisco to Los angeles to study at a university she had gotten a scholarship to study, veterinary science. Payal was happy with what she was studying but she knew she had a calling for the arts & she couldn't tell her mum who was a single parent,that she wanted to become an actress after getting a fully paid scholarship so instead Payal continued her studies of becoming a vet but this didn't mean she gave up on her dream of becoming an actress.
when Payal was 8 years old she wanted to learn how to play guitar,so she saved up enough money to buy one when she was 10.she wanted to go for lessons but her mum couldn't make it,with working late shifts as a nurse & paying for Payal & her older sister Alka's private school tuition fees,she just couldn't.So Payal self-taught herself,when she picked up that guitar to play she felt the rhythm rush through her vein like static electricity. Payal played at cafes & paid her way through night school to become an actress while still studying to become a vet.
Payal had dark brown almost black hair,she always liked to slick it back in a high ponytail or a messy bun as it was hard to control sometimes.She had fair yet tanned skin & dark brown eyes that had a playful hazel glimmer to them.
As Sonal spinned back .Payal stood in front of the passageway.
"sooo...what do you think?"asked Payal as she did a little swirl around to show Sonal.
outfit :
"you look gooood,like seriously!"her reply made Payal blush a little.
"well you dont look too bad yourself!Come on lets get going, don't wanna miss the party!"said Payal as she grabbed her car keys from the counter,and they left.
When Sonal had come back from The english cloud,the restaurant she worked at as a pastry chef she was more than excited to tell Payal about her day.The owner of the english cloud,Lilian was quite fond of Sonal besides the fact that she was good at her job,she liked Sonal because she was very friendly.Sonal told Payal about her day telling her about how Lilian had given her 2 tickets to a huge party that Perez Hilton through every year & she couldn't make it & thought Sonal might appreciate them.oh & they were invited to the after party.Payal was super excited she was doing her happy dance & everything,"but the good news didn't end there" said sonal as she continued telling her story,"guess which supermegafoxyawesomehot man who i know is your teenage dream,is gonna not only be there but play live?"Payal almost had a heart attack HOLY CRISS!!!DARREN CRISS THE GUY OF HER DREAMS THE ONE WHO SHE NEVER EVER EVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD MEET WAS GOING TO BE THERE !!!

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