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So I've deiceded to write to write a fan-fic w/ Loki and I shall be following the storyline of the Avengers Movie. So sit back, and enjoy :)

(I know most of you know me as a Thor girl, but I fell like writing a fan-fic for each of the guys on the team, so deal!)

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

We rode to the S.H.E.I.L.D headquarters in silence. The rumbled of the engines filling the silence. I glanced around the helicopter and soon turned my attention to outside the ship. We were over water in the middle of no where. "Where are we?" The Director looked up at me.

"We're over the Atlantic Ocean, it won't be that long till we get to HQ" he answered back. I nodded,, looking out the window again.

"So who else is on the team?" I asked.

"We're still gathering them as we speak. They don't know about the Initiative and I intend to keep it that way for a little while longer." I sighed and became quiet again. I saw a large battle ship on the water below. The helicopter landed on the deck and I waked out to it buzzing with activity. Another ship landed as well. A blonde haired man walked out, a red haired woman walked out to meet him. Another man joined them soon after and they made their ways towards me. I noticed that Fury was already gone.

"Doctor Banner, Captain Rogers, this is Professor Graves," said the woman. We each shook hands; the woman and I hugged, "I'm Natasha" she whispered into my ear.

"So what do you major in?" Banner asked, fixing his glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose.

"World Religions and History" I answered back, "and you?"

"I specialize in Gamma Radiation" he said, rubbing his hands nervously.

"That's right, you're the-"

"Just call him 'The Other Guy'" he said, looking at his hands before back up at me.

"Alright Doc, we'll go that way" I said, nodding.


"Why does Fury need a religions expert?" Captain asked.

"I don't just specialize in religions, Captain Rodgers,"

"Please, just call me Steve" he said, folding his arms over his chest.

"I'm also the world's leading expert in mythology," I said, "Apparently Fury needs my help in all this." I sighed as cracked my knuckles out of habit.

"You might wanna step inside, its going to get a little hard to breathe" Natasha said, her arms crossed over her chest. A loud rumbling sounded and the water below us began to churn.

"Is this a submarine?" Steve asked.

"Really?" Doc said, walking close to the edge of the ship,"They want me in a submerged pressurized container?" I got close as well and saw large propellers rise up out the water. "Oh no. This is much worse" he grumbled. I gigged as Natasha lead us inside. We were brought to the control room. A pair of automatic doors opened for us as we walked into the busy room. I looked around awe.

"Let's vanish" The Director said. He soon turned to us and Steve walked up to him. He pulled out his wallet and handed him a ten dollar bill and continued to look around in awe. Fury walked over to Banner and shook his hand. "Thank you for coming."

"Thank you for asking nicely" he paused, "So where are you on locating the Tesseract?" The conversation continued on from there as a woman came up to me.

"I'm Agent Hill, Fury asked me to assign you a mission. Ever heard of Loki?"

"Course I have, I've read all about him" I said, slightly swooning on the inside, his character in the legends had always interested me.

"He's stolen the Tesseract-"

"Cube thing? Can open up portal and all that crap?" I asked, she nodded.

"Well, once we track him down, your job is to go to him and get the cube . . . or at least distract him" she explained, handing me a receiver and I placed it in my ear.

"We got a hit! Stuttgart, Germany!" one of the agents shouted out.

"Well, it looks as if I'm on my way" I said as another agent began to escort me to Germany. They dropped me off at an art exhibit and I shifted some nice, formal clothing on. I carried a clutch as I walked into the building. I picked up a class of wine and started up a conversation with a German fellow. We stopped when the speaker began talking.

Soon enough, a tall dark figured game walking down some stairs. He looked at the speaker with a wide grin on his face before turning his gaze to me. A strange feeling filled my stomach as he walked towards me. I thought I heard him chuckle as I looked up at him. His hair was slicked back for the most part. His green emerald eyes bored into my soul. The green scarf around his neck swung as he looked away from me. He continued to walk towards the speaker, a guard took note of this and before he could do anything, the man socked him in the jaw with his cane. The people around me screamed and backed away from him. He roughly grabbed the speaker and flipped him onto a stone table. I moved my hand up to my ear and pressed a button on my communicator.

"We got a hit" I said just as the crowd began running out the door. I looked to see a device on the speaker's eye and I heard him screaming out in pain. The tall man's gaze landed on me as I stood there, waiting for him to do something. He pulled the device from the speaker's eye and put it into an inner pocket of his coat. A grin spread onto his face as he walked closer to me. My clutch faded and the rest of my outfit. Instead I had on a pair of black skinny jeans, a black tank top and a pair of black boots with a four in wedge to them. A yellow belt appeared on my waist and leather jacket with a yellow 'X' on over the tank top.

"Do they really think a mere woman can stop me? A god compared to you?" he mocked, golden armor shimmering onto him.

"I am no mere woman" I growled, narrowing my eyes. The god laughed, his eyes shinning with amusement.

"You are beneath me, mortal" he taunted.

"Yeah, well who are you to threaten my home world? Hm?" I fired back.

"The great Loki, that's who I am. What makes you think you can defeat me?" he said, glaring at me, obviously annoyed by me now.

"This" I said as I ran towards him and did a round house kick at his head. He fell to the ground and pulled himself back up again as he grunted. I went to kick him again, but this time he dodged just as my foot was about to connect with his face. He quickly knocked me off my balance and watched as I fell to the ground. My head hit the stone slab and I groaned as my vision started to go fuzzy.

"Tis a pity, such a beautiful woman choosing the wrong side" Loki sneered. I sat up and shook my head to clear my vision. I stood up and turned to see the trickster God walking out the doors. I followed him to only see him glance back at me with a smile before he turned his attention to the masses of people running away from him. A police car was racing towards him, it's sirens blaring. He pointed his staff at it and a blue ball of energy shot towards the car. it caused it to slid on its hood and explode soon after Loki had walked across the street. "KNEEL!" he shouted, the civilians ran away from him screaming. They were soon cornered in. "Kneel before me. I said... kneel!" he shouted for yet a second time. This time everyone did as he said. I was able to sneak into the crowd.

"Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel." Loki had an evil smile on his face as he looked us over. I watched as an elder man stood up boldly.

"Not to men like you" he said, speaking out against Loki.

Loki laughed, "There are no men like me."

"There are always men like you" the elder German said.

"Look to your elder people, let him be an example" Loki said, pointing his scepter as the man. I stood up and raced to stand in front of the man. The ball of energy hit me, but I stood my ground. I had my arms up as a brace and then I saw the blue light go away. I fell to my hands and knees, breathing heavily. I looked up to see Loki aiming this time at me. I closed my eyes, waiting for it but it never came. I opened them and saw Steve was in front of me, his shield had blocked the blast. He held out his hand for me to take and he helped me up.

"You know" he started off saying as he turned back to Loki, "the last time I was in Germany, I fought a guy who thought he was above everyone else. We ended up disagreeing." Steve took a step forward, staring Loki in the eye.

"The Soldier" he sneered and looked at me, "And the Shifter." He then turned his attention back to Steve. "The man out of time" he commented.

"I'm not the one who's out of time" Steve shot back. I glanced up as saw a helicopter with Natasha in the cockpit. A machine gun was aimed for the God.

"Drop the weapon, Loki" Natasha said, through the intercom system. Loki grinned and pointed his scepter up at Natasha. He then fired at her; Captain took this chance to throw his shield at Loki, causing him to fly backwards. The civilians saw an opportunity to run and get the hell out of there. They screamed as they ran away, trying to get to safety. Capt. caught his shield and we ran towards the trickster God. I shifted into a wolf and jumped towards Loki. I held him down on the ground before he was able to throw me off. Steve was able to throw some punches and kicks as I stood up and shook my fur. I saw that Loki had his scepter on Steve's head.

"Kneel" Loki growled.

"Not today" Steve side kicked him in the face. Then we heard a rock song playing and I rolled my eyes. The infamous billionaire was getting on my nerves.

"Agent Romanoff, didya miss me?" said a voice through the speakers. I saw a flurry of red and gold slam into Loki. The dust cleared and I saw that Tony Stark's arsenal was pointed at Loki. he looked at me as he held up his hands in the air in surrender. I morphed back into human form as Tony looked at us too. "Captain, Professor" he said, nodding towards us.

"Tony" I said, nodding back. We soon got Loki on board of the helicopter and headed back to HQ.

I wanted to just say thanks for reading and holding out on me. I'm sorry for not updating in awhile.
Next chapter will be up soon! :) I hope you enjoy it and if you have any ideas, just leave me a private comment and I'll take it into consideration ^^
Luv y'all!
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