Mischevious Love

So I've deiceded to write to write a fan-fic w/ Loki and I shall be following the storyline of the Avengers Movie. So sit back, and enjoy :)

(I know most of you know me as a Thor girl, but I fell like writing a fan-fic for each of the guys on the team, so deal!)

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Soon after, I was able to enjoy a fresh new start to life. I learned much from Charles and was soon able to go off on my own. I attended Collage in the local area and got a degree in teaching religions and world history. I soon enough returned too Xavier's School for Gifted Children, where I began teaching the students there. They much adored me as I tried to make history fun and entertaining. I had only been at the Institute when everything changed.


"Professor Graves?" A student asked from one of their chairs.

"Yes, my dear?"

"Why are there strange men outside?" She asked, I stopped writing on the chalk board and turned to face the students. My eyes flirted over to the window before turning back to the class.

"Class dismissed, no homework tonight, enjoy your free time" I said, letting the children go early. I hurried away to Charles' office and burst through the doors to find a strange man standing in the room. Charles looked up from his wheel chair and smiled.

"Ah Sophia, so good to see you" he said kindly.

I walked over to the professor, "What's going on?" I asked him, taking a seat next to the old man.

"Director Nick Fury here has requested that you come and aide him with finding something called the Tesseract, do you know what that is?" He asked me.

"Of course I do. Norse mythology, a cube of great power . . . No mortal should have it" I said, looking at this director guy.

"and you are correct, no mortal has it . . . A god does" he answered.


"Loki" was all Fury said back. My eyes widened in surprise.

"not good, not good at all" I mumbled mostly to myself. I started making speculations and theories in my head. "Why do you need me?" I asked him.

"you are one of the leading mythology experts out there. We also may need you in the fight as well. You are our best option." The Director sighed as he held his hands behinfpd his back. He walked towards the window and stared out. "there's something big coming and I can sense it in my bones. Is not the good kind of big either, it's the bad kind" he paused, turning back towards us again. "You may be able to help us prevent this . . . War, from happening." He walked back over to us and took a set across from the Professor and I.

"What are you asking of me?" I crossed my arms over my chest.

"I'm asking if you will agree to join a group of people, some like you, others not, to help save the world."

"Ah, the Avengers initiative" the Professor smiled.

"Who did you possibly find that out?" Fury growled. After a few moments of silence, he gasped and I chuckled.

"you're in a school filled with mutants, what do you expect?" I laughed, Fury regained his composure.

"you keep what you saw to yourself and I won't do anything to the school" The Director promised.

"of course" The professor said, laughing, "Now, Sophia, do you want to help, no one is forcing you to go with him."

I looked at the Director for a moment before speaking, "I'll go, so long as I get to return to my job here afterwards." The man nodded before I said my good byes to everyone. I walked out onto the front lawn where a helicopter sat and looked back at the students and my friends. I waved as we took off from the ground and headed on our way to the S.H.E.I.L.D headquarters.

I wanted to just say thanks for reading and holding out on my. I'm sorry for not updating in awhile.
Please enjoy my slightly rushed chapter XD I accidentally deleted it before I got the chance to republish it and all.
but yeah, next chapter will be up soon! :)

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