Mischevious Love

So I've deiceded to write to write a fan-fic w/ Loki and I shall be following the storyline of the Avengers Movie. So sit back, and enjoy :)

(I know most of you know me as a Thor girl, but I fell like writing a fan-fic for each of the guys on the team, so deal!)

Chapter 1


I was born to a nice, normal family. I had an older brother and sister as well as two lovely parents. I lived a normal life for the most part. It all ended when I was playing with my older siblings. I remember convincing them to play super heroes.

“I wanna be a shape-shifter!” I remember my eight year-old-self had cried out. They agreed and choose their own super powers. We had begun to play. I remember calling out that I was a hawk. I recall the memory of my world growing bigger. I felt my vision grow sharp and my body being stretched. They had looks of confusion and surprise on their faces. I remember my body feel strange again as it “morphed” back. “What?” I had had asked.

“Y-y-you were a-a hawk!” stuttered Jessica, my older sister.

“Dad! Sophia is creeping me out!” Jacob had cried out.

“What is it Jacob?” my dad had said as he came out with my mom.

“She had turned into a hawk!” Jessica claimed, running to hid behind Mom.

“That’s absorbed!” Mom said, “that’s your imagination speaking.”

“It’s true! Sophia, do it again!” Jacob said. I remember shrugging and did the same thing as before. My parents had looked at me with astonished faces. That was the day my life changed forever.

From then on, I was home schooled for the next couple of years. I was never allowed out of the house, out in public, or anything else that required physical interaction. Over the course of six years, I had become an artist and writer, seeing how I didn't have anything else to do. I had many online friends who accepted me for who I am. I had become somewhat of a prodigy online.

Then that one fateful day happened. I was in the living room (which had become my “office”) working on a new art piece when the doorbell rang. I ignored it as I saw my sister Jessica got the door. I heard my parents come swiftly to the door.

“I am here to speak to Sophia Graves” said the voice.

“I’m sorry, but who’s Sophia Graves?” my Dad asked; acting like I didn't even exist.

“Mr. Graves, please don’t lie and make this any harder” said the voice. Soon enough a man in a wheel chair came into my office. He wheeled over to me. I ignored him, continuing my drawing. He inspected my work and read the notebooks that lay strewn across the room.

“Your work is beautiful” he said.

“Thanks” I replied.

“You’re a very special person, Sophia. You should not be locked up and hidden away,” he said, “I can offer you a place of sanctuary and peace. It’s a place where you can be yourself and not have to worry about other’s thinking bad about you for having such amazing abilities." I listened to the man talking about who he was and what he had to offer. The way life could be for me was much better than the one I was living right now. "What do you say Sophia? Would you like to come study at Xavier's School for Gifted Children?" he asked. I looked up at him.

"I accept your offer" I said quietly.

"Good, I will have a friend of mine help you pack" he said.

"Thank you" I was able to say more confidently.

"And Sophia?" he said, looking back at me, "don't let them change your mind. You've made a wise and right decision." With that, Charles Xavier, the man that changed my life, left my house. My mom and dad came into the room and sat in the only two open chairs.

"Sweetie, you did a good thing sending him away. Why was he here for you?" asked Mom.

"He offered for me to attend a school that he runs for gifted people like me" I said to them.

"Well we won't have to see him ever gain. We're glad you choose to stay with us. You'll have a much better life" Dad said.

"I said yes."


"I said yes."

"Why? you have a good life!"

"No, I don't! I'm not allowed out of the God damn house! And all for what? All because I can change my form and how I look? All because I'm a little different? I should be out of the house, experiencing life, making my own mistakes! Not be locked up in a bubble wrapped house!" I yelled at them. They looked at me with wide, angry eyes.

“You will not talk to us like that again, young lady!” my father said angrily, gripping my wrist. Before I could do anything else, a woman walked into the room and separated us.

“Sophia, I am Storm, a close friend of Professor Charles. He sent me here to help you pack” she said.

“If you can help me pack my notebooks and drawing supplies that would be wonderful” I said to her.

“Of course” she said as a whirlwind was whipped up. I shielded my eyes and waited for it to die down. It soon did so and I looked to find all my necessary items already packed. I didn’t even question her as I packed my laptop and drawing tablet into my over-the-shoulder backpack. I looked at my shocked parents one last time as Storm helped me grab my things and packed them into the sports car that waited for us. We soon pulled away, my new life began.

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