Hetalia Meme~! My version! X3


Chapter 1

FMB says hello.

List 12 Random Hetalia characters that come to mind and list them in any order you like~ I'm going in the order that they randomly pop into my head.......

1) Denmark
2) Sweden
3) Russia
4) Japan
5) Belarus
6) England
7) China
8) France
9) Prussia
10) Romano
11) Italy
12) Hungary

‎1. What would 12 and 1 be like in a relationship? 
*XD Full of frying pan swinging I'd suppose! 

2. If 6 and 3 were to have an affair, who would top? 
Uhhhh.... O.o Russia? I dunno.....

3. 2 and 10. Totally crack or totally canon? 
Sweden X Romano? CRAAAACK!

4. Is 4 het or slash better? 
Teach meh the difference :3

‎5. Have you ever read fanfiction of 5 and 11? 
Belarus X Italy? Nooooooo.

‎6. Why was 6 afraid of 7? 
Because he's not! glares at question maker person thing

‎7. If 8 was to cosplay, what would they be? 
I do not want to know....

‎8. How many beers would 1 have to chug to have a go at 12? 
I dunno, but what I do know is that once Hungary's drunk, she's DRUNK. hides behind chair Don't hurt me, Hungary!

‎9. Would 3 make a good couple with 6? Or a better couple with 2? 
Russia x England or Russia x Sweden? I'ma goin' with Russia x Sweden :3

‎10. 6 and 7 have to go on a fishing trip together. Would they end up getting "distracted"? 
Dear God, I hope not....

11. Pick a Disney film to represent 10 and 2. 
Romano x Sweden? Da fuq? I have no idea o.o 

12. If 3 and 11 are doing S&M, who's the sadist? 
Russia x Italy? Russia. 

13. Pick a song to describe a 7/12 Fic. 
ō_ô What? China x Hungary? Umm is there a song called "Hopeless Relationship"?

‎14. Is there any evidence for 4/2? 
None that I have seen...

5. How hot would 7/3 be? 

‎16. If 7 walked in on 2 and 8 performing, shall we say, "interesting" activities, what would their reaction be? 
If China walked in on Sweden and France?! Well it's France, so why does this not surprise me... -.- China would probably faint.

17. What's 1's secret kink? 
Dunno, not a Denmark expert... 

‎18. How about 6? 
England? Uhhhh he uh... has magic?? I dunno...

19. Or perhaps 10? 
Romano's curl :3

20. What title would you assign a 1/3/5 threesome? 
Denmark x Russia x Belarus? Not at all surprised that Belarus would be with Russia, but I'm not sure what the Dane's doing there o.O I'd call it "RusBel and the Dane that didn't belong" 

21. How about 2/4/6? 
Sweden x Japan x England. No, just no. 

‎22. Or even 7/8/9? 
China x France x Prussia? China, have you taken Spain's place in the BTT??

‎23. So. 1 has a relationship with 6, but secretly wants 2. 6 knows this, and breaks up with 1 to go pursue 3, who's with 11. 11 is with 10, however, who's cheating on 11 with 8. 8 finds out, and cheats with 7, who is, in turn, cheating on 4. 1 pursues 2, who just broke up with 5, who's now after 9. 1 gives up on this, and ends up with 12, while 6 finally ends up with 3. 

WHICH MEANS: So. Denmark has a relationship with England, but secretly wants Sweden. England knows this, and breaks up with Denmark to go pursue Russia, who's with Italy. Italy is with Romano, however, who's cheating on Italy with France. Austria finds out, and cheats with Spain, who is, in turn, cheating on England. Italy pursues Japan, who just broke up with Prussia, who's now after Germany. Italy gives up on this, and ends up with Romano, while France finally ends up with America. 

Pairings in this story: ItalyxFrance, ItalyxJapan, FrancexAmerica, AmericaxFinland, FinlandxRomania, RomaniaxAustria, AustriaxSpain, SpainxEngland, PrussiaxGermany, ItalyxRomano. 


24. Title a 6/7 western fic. Yes, western. As in, cowboys, desperados, and such. 
England x China. Of course... -.- I have no clue. 
25. If 8/1 became canon, how would you react? 
Denmark x France? If it has anything to do with France, I'd believe it -.-

‎26. If 2 and 9 became a couple, who would top? 
Sweden x Prussia? Wow, that's crack right there... I dunno, I'm going to guess and say Prussia?

27. What if it was 3 and 9?
Russia x Prussia? Russia. 

28. 4 and 9 
Japan x Prussia? guessing again Prussia. 

‎29. Do you know anyone who reads 9 slash?
Prussia slash? Oyus. :3

30. Or 2 het?
Sweden x ...? His wife? XD

‎31. Write me a little ficcy idea for 5/9. 
Belarus x Prussia? Take away the 'P' in Prussia....

32. Write a possible summary for a fanfiction involving 2/9/7
Sweden x Prussia x China? Errr... Prussia gets drunk and pressures China and Sweden to drink until they are drunk to and then Prussia f-s them. End of story XD

33. Quick. 3 and 7 are cosplaying. What as? 
Russia goes as a panda and China goes as Hello Kitty X3

‎34. Have you ever seen Fanart of 11 and 12? 
Romano x Hungary? No, not 11/12, but 10/11 yes. 

‎35. Who would be the most outraged because of the above questions?
Sweden, Russia, England, & Hungary. 

Sheesh! That took a while to complete! Feel free to try your own! ^-^



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