Technicolour Dreams

A Poem

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1

Technicolour Dreams

Cold and bleak.
It's so dark.
I feel a freak.
Contrast is stark.

It's so empty.
This life I live.
I'm so lonely.
I've gave all I've got to give.

And I don't want to be here.
I'm tired of rejection.
Those happy days turned rare.
And I succumb to my inflection.

Gray days are passing by,
And I'll lay on my bed.
Thinking I might try.
Just for today.
But I get a sinking feeling,
Inside my head.

Maybe I should stop.
Stop trying.
Since I only get hurt.
Stop hoping.
Being crushed feels lower than dirt.

Black and white views of the world.
It used to be so bright and colour filled.
Used to be happy and unfurled.
But lately I've been feeling like I have to yield.

I can't take the feelings,
Of loneliness.
Of myself and others.

I'm tired of being dragged through the mud.
So tired and I just want to sleep.
So tired, yet my secrets I'll keep.
So tired, still I'm falling in deep.
So tired. Too tired to weep.

But somehow I live on.
Live in the black and white.
Live through the gray.
Day as stark as night.

But I want to live somewhere better.
Somewhere technicoloured.
Where the greens are greener,
And the light shines brighter.

So tired of the dull grays,
And shadowy tones.
I want colour. Joy.
But I'm so alone.
And it seems like a dream.

But even still,
With the technicoloured hope,
I live a life of black and white.
Filled with gray days.
Never changing.
Always the same.
Gray days.
Dark days.
I dream those...

Technicoloured dreams.

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