Angel Reject

This is about an Angel that was banished from the city of angels for becoming a dark angel. She never wanted to become a dark angel but her mother turned, causing her wings to turn black as well.

The story starts with her trying to break out of a government facility where they had caputered her after she fell from the city. They had been studying her while she was building up her strength.

Chapter 1

Let humans study me? or break free? hmm wonder what im gonna do.

"Get back here!"

"You will never make it out alive!"

"Your a freak to the world, come back where your safe!" There words me nothing to me as i run across the cold cement. I look over my shoulder to see a mass amount of people chasing after me i smirk at them before kicking off the groud and flying though the air. I quickly spead up now that i can spread my midnight black wings. I start to hover a distance away and watch the chaos i caused. I summond my strength and lowered myself closer to the people below. I open my mouth and being to speak Angelic causing all of the people to calm down and forget why the were panicking.

As soon as everyone was calm I started to speed off before the confusion set it. I have no idea where i am or where i could go. I start to consider landing in the forest below me for the night when something hits my wing causing me to spiral downward. I streatch my wings and attemt to regain my balance. As i strech out my left wing pain shoots though my wing into my shoulder.

I flip over while still falling looking for what or who hit me. I see a boy about my age (15) smiling down on me circling overhead. He had dark grey wings, relitively pale, balck long hair.

"Um. Help?!?" I screamed at him. And if your thinking Wow, you have been falling for awhile consider my reflexes are 5 times faster than humans. I am pretty light and my wings are helping slowing me down. Oh and I could just bearly see the tops of the trees even with my extreamly good eyesight, so i was pretty far up.

He circled closer before tucking back his wings to dive towards me. He grabed me in his arms then extended his wings again to slow our decent.

"I didnt mean to hurt your wing, I was just trying to get your attention." He quickly walked behind me to inspect my wing but i spun away and tried to fold back my wings but the pain in the left wing was to much.

"Okay, before i let you anywhere near my wings who are you?"

"I'm Nathanel. You can call me Nate. I have been banned for 3 weeks. I have been looking for someone to fly with considering it wasnt my choice my mom ran off with her friend."

"Im Angelina. No jokes about it okay? wait.. Nate?" I look at him closer then imagion him with pure white wings, trimmed hair, and about a year younger.

"Holy crap Angle? You got banned??? I cant belive it! Why would they ban you?? You were next in line for the crown!!" Nate runs over and tightly hugs me and i hug him back excitedly.

"I know i was, but there jerks.. So now I'm here." Nate pulled out of the hug then walked behind me to look at my wing.

"It should heal over night. We better camp out here. I'm sorry my mom got all of us banned.."

"Its not just your moms fault, my mom didn't need to go. They choose to leave togeather." I feel my bones grinding against eachother and pain is radiating from my wings. "OW! Sha'me! (angel language, cursing.. so there will be no translation.. use ur imagination!) What was that for?!"

"Hey I'm sorry. I had to pop a bone back in place your wing hit a few branches as you were falling." Nate finally walked in front of me smirking. I glared at him, I push myself up from the ground then started to walk into the forest for fire wood because it was getting dark. "You know you love me Angel!" Nate called from behind me.

"Oh shut up! I'm still mad at you!" I smile and pick up some wood lying on the ground.

"Whatever you will get over it soon enough. I'm gonna fly to a store or somethig to borrow some stuff we will need if were gonna camp!"

"Fine! Dont get noticed!" I yelled at him still gathering wood when I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

"I never get noticed unless I want to be." He whispered in my ear before letting go of me kicking off the ground and starting to fly away.

"Idiot." I mumbled under my breath as I started to head back to where camp was going to be. I had no idea what he would come back with so I just started up the fire and contined gathering useful things.

I layed down on my stomach and started to daydream waiting for Nate to come back.

I was immedialy transported to some place that was on fire, it looked like woods. I saw Lilly, a little angel, lying on the ground with her wing stuck. She reached for my hand and called for my help. I started running to her avoiding the falling firey branches. I was not even a foot away when the tree that hand cought her wing was engulfed in flames. I tried to move but I couldn't something was holding me back. I screamed and founght to save her as I watched her burn alive listening to her screams of pain and terror. I fall to my knees in defeat but I can not cry a tear. Someone starts laugh, its a deep voice. I look around and I'm no longer in the forest, I'm in hell. I see an Angle before me with wings as black as night. He smiles then says my name. I feel safe here, calm. I get up and start walking towards him. I can't seem to look away from his eyes. They were a vibriant red. He reaches out his hand distracting me from his eyes thats when i finally notice that there are dark angles everywhere around me, all with back empty eyes. The red eyed angel takes a step closer calling attention back to himself. He calls my name again and I walk closer. I hear someone behind me call my name so I turn around and see Nate, bloody and beaten. I try to run to help him but I can't move. He reaches out for me calling my name again when I see a dark angel raise a club over their head ready to strike him. I start screaming then them "No, dont hurt him please!" They smile and bring the club down. The red eyed angel grabs my arm and spins me so I am facing him. He slowly leans in, our lips inches apart. When I'm suddenly jerked back.

Im being shaked away by Nate. Hes looking down at me with worry and I'm rolled over on my back my wings spread out on either side of me.

"Angel?! You okay? When I got here you were screaming for me.. was it a vision?" I nod and sit up restng my head on my knees. "What happened?"

"You where there.. so was this angel with wings as dark as mine. His eyes were so red, as if stained with blood. He was calling for me.. I dont know why. Another dark angel was about to hit you. We were in hell. But I dont know how I got there. At first I was in the forest and had just watched Lilly die. Why did they think I would want to have the visions even after I was banned?"

"I don't know.. But you okay now." I lift my head as Nate reaches over to a pile of stuff grabbing a book and a pen handing them to me. I take them and beging writing everything that had happened. Nate rushes about sorting out all of the stuff he had gotten. Putting the notebook down I stand up and streatch.

"Hey Nate, what are we having for dinner?"

"Oh not much. Just s'mores." I giggle and run over to him jumping into his lap.

"Thank you!" He smiles down and me and kisses my nose before sliding out from under me to grab the marsmellows. I grab the bag from him and grab one poping it into my mouth.

"Hey! Don't eat them all! Sharing is caring!" He chases after me and I swallow the food running away. I stop once I reach the other side of the fire and look at him through the flames.

"Yes sharing is caring my friend, but guess what? I honestly don't care." I stick my toungh out at him. Then reach for another marshmellow. His eyes glowed and I was about to ask him why they were when he launched himself through the fire at me. I scream and drop the food as he tackels me to the ground. He swoops down grabbing the food then offering me a hand.

"Be a good little angel and I won't have to be scary." I pout at him before taking his hand.

"You didn't scare me."

"Ha! As if, you cried like a baby!" I hit him in the arm making him lose his balance before muttering, "Screaming and crying are to very different things." Causing Nate to going into a fit of laughter.

Once we finally ate we curled up in the sleeping bags in the small tent Nate had stolen. I rest my head against his chest and listen to his heart beat through his shirt.

"Goodnight Angelina." Nate whispered into my hair.

"Night Nathanel." I hug him close for warmth before drifting to sleep.

Well how did you guys like it??? Comment please! I wanna see what everyone thinks. If ya like it Woo! I might try to write more to it. If not... Aww... I will probably still write anyways.. hehe.. Love ya's! Love always, Sammy


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