A One Direction Love Story

This was written just by me and I hope you enjoy, leave comments below and please tell me if i was good because i would really like to know since this is my first story... Enjoy:) and if i should keep writing more.

Chapter 3

It Was Time.

Denisse's P.O.V
"Guys wake up i know its early but, I am so excited! Get up, Get up Get up!" i screamed in Liz's ear and then Lizzie's. "WTF its 6 AM the concert is at 7PM let me sleep you monster!" Lizzie groaned. "OMG i totally forgot about the concert, Lizzie just get up because we all know you have problems with your outfits, espicially since today we are going to meet freaking One Direction in person!" Liz said. Lizzie jumped into the shower and changed into this: http://www.polyvore.com/fighting_irish/set?id=56224350#stream_box. Then Liz changed into this: http://www.polyvore.com/day_with_liam_payne/set?id=56959497#stream_box. And Denisse changed into this: http://www.polyvore.com/day_with_zayn_malik/set?id=56962634#stream_box. (again btw i do not own these outfits, if the person who made these if you read this then well i hope you dont mind. I cant make my own because im in my ipad) We were all set and ate something before we left. Liz was the only one allowed to drive out of the country, for some reason.
Lizzie's P.O.V
We waited in line patiently but Denisse wouldnt shut up about how excited she was. Finally it was time for us to go in. We walked all the way to our seats and waited in excitement because the boys could have all their attention in us, and it was time for them to get on stage.
Liz's P.O.V
They opened up with WMYB. Threw out the whole song, Harry and Liam wouldn't stop starring at me and I couldn't stop blushing. When the song was over they started singing One Thing and i did notice that Niall couldn't keep his eyes of Lizzie and Zayn couldn't keep his eyes of Denisse. I looked at Lizzie and she was like literaly frozen in shock about what was actually happening and thinking bout what is going to happen backstage. When the concert was halfway threw, the boys did the thing were they read tweets off the big screen. One of the tweets said, "At the moment, do any of you have a specific girl in their mind?" Harry looked at me and put the microphone so he could speak. "Actually I do, she is here right now and she is in the front row" Harry said looking at me. I blushed and smiled but then Liam interrupted and said, "Harry we dont have time for you to flirt with a girl and the girl doesnt even know that is her, just keep your mystery girl to yourself and leave it for backstage" the concert finished and it was time for us to go backstage. Surprising, we were the only ones with backstage passes so we would have a lot of time with them, then i worried what was i gonna say i mean its One Direction for goodness sake!

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