A One Direction Love Story

This was written just by me and I hope you enjoy, leave comments below and please tell me if i was good because i would really like to know since this is my first story... Enjoy:) and if i should keep writing more.

Chapter 2

Some Great Luck!

Elizabeth's P.O.V
"Mom, mom, mom. I just won three tickets to go see one direction and backstage passes. The concert is in Paris, France but they where giving that away too and i also won that. Please mom will you let me go its Summer just ple-" I was cut off "Sweety you don't have to beg i know how much you love them, ofcourse i will let you go and before you ask yes i will convince Lizzie and Denisse's mother to let them go" she said sweetly. "Thank you so much, I love you. I'm gonna go call Lizzie"
Lizzie's P.O.V
I heard my phone ringing and ran to it incase it was an emergency. "OMGHEEE, you will not believe what just happened to me!" Elizabeth screamed from the other line. "Let me guess you were the one that won the One Direction tickets and the Paris ones too?" i said in curiosity. "Sometime i think that you read my mind, your coming with me and Denisse ofcourse i love y'all both, my mom is gonna convince your mom so no worries just start packing because i'm also gonna ask my mom if we can stay there for the rest of the summer and i'm gonna tell her to convince your mom for that too!" "Kay I love you, i'll call you later imma pack" i hung up the phone and i threw it on the floor with excitement. Then i went to tell Denisse the news and hopefully Liz's(what Lizzie calls Elizabeth) mom already talked to my mom.
~~~On the plane, Denisse's P.O.V~~~
"Liz I love you so much, I can't believe this is happening! We are actually going to see One Direction in person" (btw Liz was wearing: http://www.polyvore.com/casual_cute_outfit/set?id=54164676, Lizzie as wearing: http://www.polyvore.com/casual_cute_outfit/set?id=54163874#stream_box, and Denisse was wearing: http://www.polyvore.com/casual_day/set?id=54172352#stream_box. The outfits are not mine by the way) The plane landed and we got a taxi and he drove us to the hotel that the flight to Paris included. It was beautiful and huge.
Elizabeth's P.O.V
As soon as we reached the hotel it was beautiful. It was also like gigantic I was so glad that I had won the contest. We got our room key and thought the room was going to be only one room, i was wroong the room had four bedrooms, three bathrooms, one kitchen and a living room, it was like a room reserved for a celebrity group. It was paradise. "Hey Liz what are you gonna wear tomorrow for the concert?" Lizzie asked me all the way from the kitchen. "I have no idea, we will see tomorrow" i said to her. "By the way what time is the concert and how good are out seats?" said Denisse smiling layong down on the couch in the living room. "I'm not sure i didnt look at the tickets yet, Holy craaap we got front row seats! The concert is tomorrow at 7pm" i exclaimed in excitement.

(Sorry if it was too long but the next chapter will be up soon)

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