A One Direction Love Story

This was written just by me and I hope you enjoy, leave comments below and please tell me if i was good because i would really like to know since this is my first story... Enjoy:) and if i should keep writing more.

Chapter 1

Introducing the characters

Elizabeth- main character. Has hazel and brown eyes mixed, long brown hair with natural blonde highlights, is 5'3. Age: 17. Crush(es): Harry and Liam. Relationship Status: Single

Lizzie- elizabeth's best friend. Blue eyes, mid-lengh blonde hair, is 5'2. Age: 17. Crush(es): Niall and Louis. Relationship Status: Single

Denisse- lizzie's sister. Blue eyes, long blonde hair, is 5'3. Age: 16. Crush(es): Zayn. Relationship Status: Single

( there are more characters but these are the main charecters and the boys count as main characters too)

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