Elizabeth's Epic Adventures Through Anime (Elizabeth from Black Butler)

Elizabeth's Epic Adventures Through Anime (Elizabeth from Black Butler)

Elizabeth and Ciel had a fight, and Elizabeth wound up entering an entire different anime! and another, and another, and... another. Will Elizabeth ever get back to Ciel, after becoming a country, giving a jealous frog a demon butler, catching Kira, and becoming a world famous Japanese pop star? (P.S, Fiona, I added vocaloids) This is a cosplay, not in costumes, that would've been hard, with me and Fiona.

Chapter 1

Black Butler

"I HATE YOU! I'M GONNA MARRY THIS WHALE INSTEAD!" Elizabeth shouted at Ciel, while riding a plastic playground whale.
"Fine! I'll just go marry..." Ciel looked around. "SEBASTIAN instead!"
"Wait. what?" Sebastian jumped.
"Yes, Sebastian, I order you to marry me!"
"I STILL HATE YOU!" Elizabeth shouted.
"I'm sorry, young master, I cannot kill that whale,"
"Why not?!"
"Well... It's plastic..." Sebastian explained.
"Then, um, DESTROY IT!"
Maybe I should explain. Ciel and Elizabeth are arranged to get married, ever since they were little, for those of you who have NOT seen this anime, Ciel is a rich 12 year old boy, who inherited his parents will, after they died in a fire on his birthday. The fire was murder, so Ciel hired Sebastian, a butler, but he is also a demon, and their contract states that he will serve Ciel's every order until he gets revenge on whoever killed his parents. Elizabeth is the only person from his childhood who is still alive, and Madame Red, but spoiler alert... she dies. Now they have gotten into a fight of who knows what, they just got angry.
"FINE! I'll just go to a DIFFERENT anime then!" Elizabeth said.
"FINE!" and a strange magical portal opened up and she went to a random anime. (Don't you wish YOU could do that?)

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