Welcome to my life-- A story

Welcome to my life-- A story

Four kids with four very different lifes. But after one death, read about how all these lives become one.

Gwendyln Kynterson- "the popular one"
Alicia Goldsmith- "the loner"
Rex Lane- "the bad boy"
Harold Oferinellis- "the fat kid"

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Chapter 18

Are you desperate to find something more before your life is over?

by: For_You
Someone in a hoodie sat down at the lunch table. Harold glanced at Rex and watched Rex shrug his shoulders. The person then looked up, her blue eyes identifying her.

“Gwen?” Harold looked at her questioningly. “Why do you have your hood on?”

“Better question,” Rex began, “Why are you sitting at our table?”

“Never mind those two things. I have found it.” Harold was now officially confused. What was she talking about? She sighed in annoyance and began to explain. “I found our last band member.”

“Who is it?” Gwen leaned back in her chair and began scratching the surface of the table.

“That’s the problem. I don’t know.”

“Because this makes sense…” Rex sassed. Gwen’s glare cut at Rex. All he did in response was smirk.

“I was using the bathroom when I heard someone come in. Then this girl started to quietly sing. Her voice was sweet and sultry, but that wasn’t what caught my attention. The emotion she sang with broke my heart because her voice made the song meaningful. She left before I could see her, but we need her to be in our group. She will win the hearts of the judges in that competition. She will help us become something important.” Harold sat there thinking about this. The girl could be anyone. He didn’t get along with just anyone. What if the girl turned out to be rude and mean? After all, they are now the outcasts. Why would she want to join them?

“If she is as amazing as you say…” Rex began.

“She is.”

“Then we need to find her. Who knows? Maybe we can make a difference in this world.”

“No,” Harold first said quietly. He looked at his tray, but could felt their stares on him. “You guys don’t get it. We can never make a difference in the world. We are just high school students that can’t fit in anywhere else, so we made our own band. Just one stupid performance won’t make our world change. We are not special and the sooner you guys accept that, the better.” In the corner of Harold’s eyes, he saw Alicia sit down. She scanned their faces.

“Did I miss something?"

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