Re-post thingymagiga

Chapter 1


1)If u could change ur name to anything what would it be? Amethyst
2)What instrument would u like to play?Harp
3)Can u play an instument,if so what?Three:Tinwhistle,Violin and Concertina
4)Favourite 2 colours?Blue and Green
5)Favourite 2 song names and their artists?Gangnam Style PSY and Primadonna Girl Marina and the Diamonds
6)Favourite film name:10,000 BC
7)Do u like singing?A bit
8)Do u have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?No
9)Colour of ur hair?Lightish brown
10)Colour of ur eyes?Hazel green
11)What vehicle do u want to ride most?Jet ski
12)Are u in love?No
13)If u could be any animal what would u be? Pegasus
14)If u could be any Supernatural creature what would u be?Mermaid
15)What country would u like to visit most?America or China
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