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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Your cousin!?!?

It's been 2 weeks and my lovely Vito is finally coming home.

~/present time/~

Kira and I sat impatiently waiting for Vito (well I was) Kira and Daemon were on the couch looking at me weird because I was practically out the window waiting for my beloved gothic lover to come home and give me a kiss.

"THERE HE IS, HE'S FINALLY HERE!!" I squealed crawling back in and running out the door to hug him and kissing him till he fell in the grass.

We laughed as we laid in the grass getting wet but still laughing happy to see each other. I guess this is how it feels to be in love.

As Kira and Daemon walked out they sweat dropped as they saw us. And the moment Vito saw Daemon he stopped and looked very unhappy.

"Do you know him?" I asked worried as he didn't answer,"Yeah, he is my cousin and what is he doing here?"

Kira and I stopped dead with jaws hung open looking between Vito and Daemon,"c-c-cousins!!" we cried still staring in utter shock.

Vito repeated his question not taking his eyes of of Daemon.

"Well just 2 weeks ago he was being a..." I froze I'll tell him what really happened after Kira is gone... she can't know what he really did. "He was outside and looked hurt, or something, so I went over and asked him if he was okay and let him stay for a bit till he got bet-"
Kira cut me off," No you went and talked to him and then something happened and you fainted" Vito stared at me and I glared at Kira I know she means well but she could have kept her mouth shut on this one

Vito stormed over to Daemon and grabbed his collar, I got a bit scared when Vito eyes glowed a deadly blood red that screamed an 'I'm gonna kill this jerk'.

I grabbed his arm and slightly tugged,"It's fine Vito, I was just feeling sick that night, he did nothing." His face came to a calm look as he let Daemon go with one last warning growl. Daemon just let a cocky smirk cross his lips.

I gave a small sigh of relief. "Listen, Daemon, I think that you'll be fine now so you can just be on your way if you don't mind." I said staring into his eyes that burns with hatred by the 'I'm kicking you out now' statement. "Oh trust me, I don't plan to leave you alone till your mine," he looked at Vito," I think Vito can understand how easy it is to fall under her beauty spell." he grinned Vito stepping towards him growling. But all Daemon could do was laugh hysterically.

I couldn't help but blush at a weird yet charming complement. "Well, than do you mind staying at your own house, cause I would like my privacy back." I looked at him not noticing my brothers car pull up behind me.

"Um, Maddie," Kira shyly pointed behind me, I looked to see my older brother walking towards us. Kira has had a crush on him from the very beginning but was to shy to ask.

He walked over patting my head, despite he know I hate it, "Hey whats for dinner?" I knew he was trying to fool me with the perfect mommy's boy act but it didn't work on me like it did with other people.

"Go make your self some thing, cause I don't think that I'm a personal cook." I looked away, I had hated him ever since dad had started abusing me but always treated my brother like he was a trophy mad out of pure gold and should never be broken.

Kira piped up quickly,"I'll make you some thing!" she ran inside with a deep blush and a huge smile, my brother followed her inside, probably to say thanks and try to help her.

Vito put his arm around me he knew how I felt about my brother and understood how I had felt, in fact he felt the same with my sister.

I stood thinking for a while, wait.../he should be in the hospital/! Ran in grabbing my brother by the arm tightly. "You should still be in the hospital! What is wrong with you!" I yelled in more so worry than anger.

His actions lived up to his name, Kureija, which means crazy. My parents named him that because they thought he would be like my dad, dumb reason I know but it suited him.

"Relax," he smiled taking my hand in his," they released me into your custody, here is the paper work." I looked at him and filled out the work sheets. Later forcing him to lie down and rest.

It seemed I know had 4 people practically living with me, ugh I feel like I'm raising a family. I sighed lying down to sleep for the night Vito sleeping with me, giving me sweet dreams to always remember.

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