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Chapter 2

Chapter2; My stalker.

I now drive my motorcycle to school and every where.(even just for fun) I finally got a part time job at John's Auto Parts. It's the best job in the world!

But the worst thing is my brother has fallen very ill he's in the hospital and can barely even open his eyes.

My mom is blaming it all on me and she is falling ill as well. Now I practically live alone. But Kira is staying over to help clean, cook, and keep me company.

I wish that I could hug Vito right now (who I am now dating) But he's gone on a trip to visit his family all the way in Athens. But I know it would be rude to tell him to come back when he hasn't seen them in 2 years now.

My grades have dropped to B's and C's which is kinda bad because it shows that I might actually care for my brother. I don't want to admit that I love him because I'm scared of what might happen.

Eiji one of my friends, tolded me that Amaterasu was now standing before him. He got on his hands and knees and started praying like I was Amaterasu. But he's just a crazy nutcase. I mean, me a goddess oh please.

Besides there can't be a goddess as important as her living on earth she'd most likely die. But oh well.

present time

I picked up my phone after it got done charging and saw that I got a text at the same second I grabbed it, from an unknown number. I got curious and picked it up. It read

I see you so why don't you see me Amaterasu, come with and play in the dark, great goddess.

I looked out my window then at my phone again an back. Who the h3ll does this guy think he is!?

I saw a dark shape across the street. I quickly shut my blinds ran downstairs and opened my door to let in my dog. Shut the door again and locked both locks and calling Kira, who was planning to walk over to my house.

Instead of her picking up I heard a deep voice that made my heart freeze to ice.

"How are you Amaterasu feeling good tonight?" He said. I looked out my kitchen window.

"Who are you? Did you send me that text? How did you even get my number?" I said barely breathing.

"tsk tsk... speaking to fast my dear, just come outside and talk to me, face to face and I'll tell you what you want to know." he said slyly.

"I'm not talking to a stranger creep who is messing with my calls and sending me weird creepy txts. Watching outside from across the street and being a total weirdo calling me by the name of a goddess when the name is Maddie!" I hung up quickly.

I tried her home phone,instead of the sweet voice I was hoping to hear it was creepo again.

"How about this if you come out and talk to me I won't hurt your friend." I looked out the window and saw Kira walking to my house completely unaware to the stranger in the shadows.

"Okay I'll come and talk."

I'm being so stupid!...but it's for Kira

"I knew you would agree with me." he hung up and so did I.

"Hey uh listen I got to go check something real quick'." I said, the moment I dragged Kira into the house. I didn't give her time to reply I had already shut the door, walking quickly, across the street. I stopped only to see a pretty handsome, young man standing in front of me.

He had silver hair and purple eyes that glowed red by the sight of me. He was tall, skinny and had gothic clothing just like me.

He gave a beautiful smirk that turned my heart to mush. "You're more beautiful in real life than in the picture he gave me," He said with another flattering smile.
"The name is Daemon. I shivered as he grabbed my hand and kissed it with his silver eyes shimmering red.

I jerked my hand away. "Why are you watching me and what do you want I don't even know you."

Suddenly he grab me and pulled me close. I felt a quick dizziness come over me and all I heard was a scream of alarm and footsteps hurring over.

When I woke up I was on my couch Kira and Daemon leaning over. Kira ice put on my head and when she saw my eyes flutter open she began immediately shooting questions.

"OMG are you hurt? Do you need a doctor? Do you still feel dizzy? Don't worry me like that!!" She said rambling on non-stop.

I groaned holding my head," Dude, shut up I'm fine. Really."

Daemon smiled at me his eyes glowing for a second."Good thing I caught you or your head would have broke open."

Kira's eyes got wide and hit him. "Don't say that your gonna scare her!"

No he scared me when he did all those thing like watching me and crap. I sighed and sat up they both sat by me.

"Do you know him?" I looked at Kira and pointed to Daemon. She shook her head, "We were talking the whole time you were out."

How long was I out?

As if reading my mind. "You were out for about 3 hours." Daemon said grabbing the remote.

"Three hours! Are you freakin' kidding me!" They both nodded, Kira turned to me a gleam glinting in her eyes.

"Hey, we should all get together tomorrow and hang out, you and him are goth and he is really cool trust me!"

I restrained myself from blurting out and instead glared at her, she returned it with a big grin what has she gotten us into now?

"Yeah that sounds like a great idea." Daemon smirked wickedly looking straight at me.

This was gonna be a long 2 weeks without Vito.

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