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Chapter 1

The newbie

All my mother ever feels is happiness and love towards my older brother because ever since my Dad died, he took over the house and everything he does is amazing and perfect. Everything I do is not enough and I need to be like him. He has a job that is amazing and pays alot plus he goes around town and helps people to get money.

But I have a secret that I can never tell. My dad would beat me and make me wear covering clothes so no one would know. And it worked. But I'll never forget that day that I hit back and he stopped for a while but for some reason came back.

My life is a well closed book that no one can open except for me. I always like to keep my problems to myself and have my own ways, but I don't control people with all that crap like bullies do. I'm in ninth grade, my grades are mostly A's and B's (surprisingly) My teachers like me, and I'm easy to get along with.

But I still get bullied, I only cry to get out my pain. But not in front of anyone I go to my secret hideout and cry till I find it useless to continue. But sometimes I cry till I pass out or until I can't cry anymore. So now I guess you could view me as combination of emo and goth (More so goth).

Well now that you know lets move on shall we.

~Next day~

As I was waiting the bus, I saw the Jagger gang as I call them. oh crap. their coming my way crap I thought tapping my foot wheres the bus hurry up!

Suddenly I felt a arm swung over my shoulder with such force I stumbled a bit.

It was Lucas his blonde hair was shining and his ice blue eyes glowing with deviousness his perfect smile grinned bigger at the sight of me. He is slightly buff tall and the captain of the football and soccer team.

"Hey there Madison," Lucas had his face way to close, "Still waiting for the bus alone, how about some company?' I gulped nervously,

"Uh... no thanks really I'm fine," I played With the ruffles on my black skirt. That triggered his attention to my hands. He grinned and noticed a cut on my wrist.

"tsk tsk... cutting your-self again." He smirked. "It's from my cat moron," that's when I noticed the bus coming.

"Oh look here's the bus," I darted up the steps and sat with my friend Kira.

"Hey dude,"she said all happy then turned grim,"Oh great look who it is,"

(As we call him) Silent boy stood in front of us. He had caramel skin and dark short hair that slightly swung with the jerk of the bus. His eyes are what grab me, they were a crystal yet a silver color. I blinked and they were suddenly yellow, I could tell I was making him uncomfortable.

She scooted in more for him. He slid in with us not saying a word or and not doing anything either.

I stood in front of the school and sighed Silent Boy was standing next to me and said his first words, "So this is the school that I'll be enrolling with you?" I simply nodded.

"My names Madison," I stuck my hand out.

"Vito," (Vito means life ) He said shaking my hand,"Can you show me around?" I nodded and smiled from then on I showed him to each class before mine and gave him a tour.

At the end it wasn't all to bad. We walked home together but it was ruined by the other Jagger gang.I looked away but Vito just asked ,"what do you need?"
They looked at him with sly grins and a few chuckles. " Oh just need you to show the new member around town," said Jake a dark haired boy but very pale and tall and slightly buff.

A girl with White hair and pink highlights. And a short pink dress that barely covered her lower half, I wanted to gag.

She grinned and pat his cheek, "come on show me around," her finger traced his jaw line. I suddenly stepped in front of her, "he's busy get one of them to do it." I pointed to Lucas,"like him," She only grinned at me, "busy with what hopefully not wasting his time on a poor excuse like you," She finger my choker that was a black and was like a spider web. "I mean who would want to do anything with you," She grinned. I smiled back this time, "actually he is my study partner so really we must go, bye bye now"

They all stared after us.

When we got Home I saw am motorcycle with a bow on it, it said happy birthday 17 Maddie! It was from my brother. I gave a yip of joy and turned to Vito holding my drivers license," you're riding a motorcycle home tonight,"I grinned as he said," I've never been on a motorcycle before truth be told."

It was his first time on a motorcycle. But we said goodnight and strangely I had slept fairly well and didn't wake up once.

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