Time Is Running Out (an original story)

Time Is Running Out (an original story)

okay, this is me writing this. hope you like it! comment/rate!

Chapter 1

Nikita Ripley- "Fox"

I was being forced into a long, beautiful white dress. Tears were streamind down my face as I kicked begged and screamed.

"Please! Mother, you can't let them!" I shouted, staring at my mother across the room.

She just gave me an evil smile. "It's for your own good, Nikita. Someday you'll thank me.

I shook my head and struggled even harder. "No, no no! NO! Let me GO!"

I sat up with a jolt, gasping for breath. I looked out of the hut and saw that the sun was rising.

I threw on some clothes, pulled on my shoes, and walked out of the hut I lived in, shaking my hair out of my eyes.

(her outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/fox/set?id=61530325)

"Hey Fox, you okay?" I turned and smiled down at Ryder as he hurried to catch up with me.

Ryder is the youngest boy in camp. He's only 7 and is very curious. His parents were killed when they were on a mission. The whole camp looks after him, but I've grown pretty attached to him myself, which isn't something I do very easily.

I crouched down so that I was on his level and gave him a hug.

"Good morning, little man. What are you doing up so early?" I ruffled his hair and Ryder giggled.

"I heard you yelling in your sleep again." Ryder's face fell into a frown. "Are you okay Fox?"

"Aw, Ryder, honey." I hugged him again, stroking his curly blond hair. "It was just a dream. I'm fine sweetie, okay?"

I pulled back and Ryder nodded.

I smiled and held out my hand. "Do you want to go watch the sun rise with me?"

Ryder nodded again and took my hand.

"Maria!" I called over my shoulder at the older woman.

She turned and squinted at us.

"I'm taking Ryder to see the sunrise. I just thought you should know." I said, smiling.

Maria and waved. "Be careful, Fox!"

"I will, don't worry, Maria." Ryder and I waved before turning and walking towards the outskirts of camp.

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